Currency Exchange Yangon

Yangon Currency Exchange

When you visit Myanmar (Burma), you will try to find a currency exchange to exchange your foreign currency for Myanmar Kyat. While the US dollar is generally accepted, small suppliers will be reluctant to accept it due to difficulties in exchanging for Kyat. COIN CHANGER IN OTHER PARTS OF YANGON. BRANCHES NEAR TOURISM AREAS IN YANGON. Explore currency exchange in Yangon with the help of your friends.

When you visit Myanmar (Burma), you will try to find a currency exchange to exchange your currency for Myanmaryat. While the US currency is generally acceptable, small suppliers are unwilling to pay US currency due to exchange difficulties in Kyoto. You always have to exchange some of your cash for Myanmaryat.

First place you can get changed is the airfield. There' s an authorised exchange office at the airfield, but the prices are very low, so it is better not to do so. As your property may be able to make currency changes for you at a sensible cost, you should always ask for the first.

You can turn to a currency exchange broker as they are always in touch with these persons. The Golden Smiles Inn was a very good price for my bucks in a very secure environment. Aung San Market: Bogyoke Aung San Big Bogyoke Aung San Markets.

They are quiet and give you the amount of reckoning and thinking about the bill. Like everywhere they are choosy with regard to the invoices they will accept, and give better prices for bigger US dollar notes. Aside from your lodging, the cheapest place in Yangon (Rangoon) to exchange your bucks for Kyoto is the Bogyokearket.

Bogyoke Aung San has a number of currency exchange programs, although none of them are allowed. Simply ask any store on the exchange and they will show you the way to one of these markets. Next, try Bar Street (Maharbandoola Garden Street) near Yangon City Hall.

There' s the Myanmar Foreign Exchange Bank on Bar St and many traders on the sidelines. Simply go down Bar St. and they will ask you if you want to lose your US-Dollars. Near the Trader's Hotel in the Sulae Pagoda Road in the city of Yangon there are also some wallets on the supermarket.

Well, I myself commend the one in Bogyoke Aung San Market. The US currency is the only decent currency in Myanmar, even if you sometimes find someone willing to buy Thai Bahts or Singapore dollars. If you have other currency, such as Japan kyen, euro or austral dollars, please use them. So, when you go to Myanmar, make sure you have enough US dollars.

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