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Culture shock - When a Myanmar does not say NO

On many occasions aliens (especially Westerners working in Myanmar) will find that things they ask of their Myanmar mates are answered positively but never realized. An expatriate from the West, for example, could ask his or her boyfriend to a supper event. Myanmar's pal is not free that particular date.

Usually a western person will just refuse the invite and tell his boyfriend that he can't come because he's not free. If he had a Myanmar boyfriend, he would probably say yes, even though he knows he can't come. And he wouldn't call his girlfriend, too, because he can't come.

Next morning he'll excuse his boyfriend for not being able to come, blah, blah, blah, blah. An alien might think that his or her boyfriend is untrustworthy and inconsistent. This is where the distinction between the West and Myanmar cultures is located. In Myanmar, however, respondents are usually hesitant to say no, especially to expat.

Instead of saying "no," he'll just be gone and hope you don't realize he's gone. A lot of my boyfriends act the same way for me. They will say many times: "Can be", "I think I will be free", "I will try to come", blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I know as Myanmar himself that he's not coming on the date. This is a very odd and awkward position for those in the West who are not acquainted with Myanmar's culture and way of being. Somehow it may appear that the Myanmar tribe is untrustworthy. The reality is, however, that it is hard for a Myanmar to say NO to other inmates.

For my part, I don't know how things work, but I myself find it hard to say NO often. It' poor, but it is deeply ingrained in the lives and cultures of the Myanmar population. So, the next timeyou ask or ask something from your boyfriend, and when he blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, make sure he really comes to the meeting or does what you ask him to do.

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