Cultural Tourism in Myanmar

Myanmar Cultural Tourism

Considered by many as a Burmese version of Angkor Wat, Bagan temples stand as remains of an ancient capital of the kingdom of Pagan thatmore. The historical capital of Myanmar culture, Buddhist sasana and traditional crafts, Mandalay is rich in ancient sites, cultural monuments and Buddhist buildings. The richest historical landmark after Bagan, it is now Myanmar's most important trade, education and health centre. We will visit the world famous Shwedagone Pagoda, Chauk Hta Gyi lying Buddha picture, National Museum, Sule Plaza, Botahtaung Jetty, China City, Bogyoke Market and sunset at Nan Thi Da Jetty. Myanmar's cultural and natural heritage.

Visiting Myanmar: Discover Myanmar's cultural heritage

Yangon, the former capitol (576 km²) has many quiet places to go to, with a host of interesting places like antique coupons, lovely gardens, breathtaking pictures and musees. Some of the attractions include: Shwedagon Cemetery, Sule Cemetery, Botahtaung Cemetery, National Museum, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Myanmar Gems Museum, Htauk Kyant War Cemetery, National Races Villages and China Town.

Shwedagon is a splendid golden crusted coupé, which was erected over 2,500 years ago and preserves holy remains. The National Museum tells you more about Myanmar's epiphany and calendar, the prehistory and protohistory, the historical era, royal regalia or royal decoration, Myanmar's traditional folk art, Buddha paintings and ethnical groups; you can also see the thrones of the old Myanmar monarchs and Mandalay Royal Palace minis.

The historic capitol of Myanmar civilization, Buddhist sasana and handicrafts, Mandalay is a town rich in antique places, cultural relics and Buddhist buildings. This is the wealthiest historic symbol after Bagan and today it is the most important trade, education and healthcare center in Myanmar. Mandalay's most popular places are Maha Myat Muni Pagoda, Mandalay Hill, Kandawgyi Lake, Atumashi Monastery, Mandalay Palace and Eindawya Pagoda.

Pyin Oo Lwin's chilly mountain terminal is about 2 hrs by car from Mandalay; at over 1,000 metres, it can enjoy cold and comfortable year round conditions. Kandawgyi Gardens & Landmarks Garden, Pwe Kauk Falls, Dat Daw Chaing Falls and the stunning Peik Chin Myaung Caves are all places to be.

Mrauk U, also known as Myohaung, was once a very mighty state. Main features are the Royal Palace, Shittaung Palace, Koetaung Palace, Andaw Palace, Yadanabon Palace, Dukkanthein, Pitakataik, Sakkyamanaung.

Cultural Tour of Myanmar | Classic Tours

To see the worlwide renowned Shwedagon Pagoda (100m high) in Yangon as the Myanmar people. Visit to the antique city of Bagan (10th-13th century A.D.) with more than 2000 coupons. Visit to the last kingly capitol of Mandalay (1885). Experience the Shan Mound Tribe civilization around the Inlay Sea. Arrival, transfers to the hotels, dinners at the hotels, overnight in Yangon.

2nd day: Yangon Guided Tours to see Myanmar's Heritage. Accommodation in Yangon. Mornings 3: Early birds are flying to Bagan. Transfers to the hotels, check-in at the hotels, sight seeing in Bagan to explore the Myanmar cultur. Visits to the U-Mart, the Shwezigone Pagoda (first constructed in Bagan), the Ananda-tempple ( "the best handicraft in Bagan-temples"), the Thapyinnyut-temple (the highest one in Bagan ), the Bagan-museum, the Dhamayangyi-temple (the largest one in Bagan).

Sundown in the Pyathagyi-Temples. Accommodation in Bangan. Transfers to the hotels. Checking in at the motel. Accommodation in Mandalay. In the evenings return to Nyaung Shwe, check-in at the relevant hotels. Accommodation in Nyaung Shwe. Return to Yangon in the evenings. Transfers to the hotels. Accommodation in Yangon.

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