Cultural Heritage of Myanmar

Myanmar's cultural heritage

Myanmar's culture, which is based on the main roots of Buddhism and the Mon people, has also been influenced by its neighbours: Archaeology and National Museum. Protection of Myanmar's cultural heritage. Right of protection and conservation of cultural heritage regions. MYANMAR WORLD HERITAGE SITES

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Myanmar[Photo]

Although Myanmar is home to several extraordinary monuments of nature and heritage, there is currently only one place that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This only place, however, consists of three antique towns that show the old Myanmar buddhistic traditions and its authenticity. Myanmar's civilization, which is based on the main root of Buddhism and the Mon tribe, has also been influenced by its neighbors:

Myanmar, also known as Burma, was later affected by the UK Colonies in its educational and government system. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO - has recognised the importance of Myanmar's cultural heritage within more than 1000 historic and environmental places around the globe by classifying a site for its unparalleled historic and architectonic value to humanity.

These are some of the many sights and attractions of these World Heritage Sites in Myanmar that are designed for the use of professional travelers and tourists and for the enjoyment of all. They show a wealthy buddhistic civilization with various remains of kingly, church and manufacturing houses and the remains of an Irrigator.

Myanmar also has the following places nominated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Here is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Nominee Places in Myanmar. To learn more about them, please see the Myanmar page of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO.

More information about the other UNESCO locations in the ASEAN area can be found in the World Heritage Places in Southeast Asia. How do you feel about these World Heritage Site in Myanmar? Have you got any hints for a better stay? Some other Myanmar site that you think should be added by UNESCO?

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