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Freedom to buy everything, freedom to sell everything in Myanmar. You live in Yangon and want to learn REAL English from a REAL teacher? English teacher at Brainworks International School in Yangon, Myanmar. All about' Craigslist' on the motherboard. In Yangon, however, the dotcom days are over.

About Myanmar

The name of the nation is still a hot issue, with many people choosing the name Burma over Myanmar before the war. I am leaving because the current administration drastically altered the formal value of the Burma Myanmar locale on May 1 to achieve what it has already traded for on the subprime markets in preparations for the recovery of FDI following the Obama administration's loosening of the Obama administration's over night restrictions on Myanmar.

It is important to know the value of the respective domestic currencies, as air fares from a particular destination are usually calculated in the respective area. Usually this results in relatively small variations - for example, when I buy a one-way from London to San Francisco, it is calculated in pound Sterling, which varies slightly from dollar to dollar from dollar, but is generally intact.

However, when Burma's Kyoto moves from about 7 kyats to 800 kyats to the greenback over night, a 13,230 kilo one-way one-way businessclass voucher will change from about $1,890 to $16.50. Since each of the journeys must have its origin in Myanmar (for journey 4, the Vancouver-Myanmar routes are actually part of a round tour starting with journey 3), I have to go there myself - usually with mileage that I have collected elsewhere.

Myanmar is a little reluctant to accept people - I have to get my pass to the Myanmar Consulate in Washington, DC for about two week before each one. One of them are errors like this, but some are just great offers - for example, US Air had flights from New York to Dublin, Ireland in flatbed Ireland for less than $900 round the Thanksgiving all-in.

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