Though it is mentioned by various names, including Longhair and Highland Fold, Coupari was the name of the long-haired version of the Scottish Fold by British breeders. The Longhair fold, Highland fold or Scottfalte is another name of Coupari cat is a vision of Scottish fold cats. Coupari is extremely gentle and affectionate. You can download high-quality Coupari images, illustrations and vectors that are perfectly matched to the budget of your project. Cat (Felis catus) care instructions.

Cats of Coupari | Coupari Cat Breed Info & Pictures

Though it is mentioned by various reputations, such as Longhair and Highland Folds, Coupari was the name of the long-haired model of the UK breeders' Scotchold. His big and pleated eyeballs make this loving kitty a beautiful companion for kids and grown-ups. However, its most noteworthy characteristic are the pleated ear, which only folds forward at the age of three inches.

Coupari is very gentle and devoted. The Coupari is very smart and can even run on a lead or even run a match of foet. Due to its long coat, the Coupari should be cared for at least three days a weeks (preferably every day). These include unraveling the coat with a broad-toothed crest and wiping off surplus growth from the ear with a damp rag (at least once a month).

Coupari, which has an avarage life of 15 years, should be vaccinated and checked regularly twice a year. It also tends to have joint disease, many of which are treated, but not all of which are cured. This race's story can be retraced back to the town of Coupar Angus - 13 northeastern of Perth, Scotland - when a strange-eared female Susie, a withe shelduck, was found in 1961.

Although some were long-haired and others short-haired, Suzie gave this extraordinary quality to her heirs. But when a default was set for the Scotch Fold, only the short-haired model was cited. This longhaired model has been blamed by many for its "earless" appearance. Only in the 1980', when an US showman named Hazel Swadberg started exhibiting long-haired Scotch Folds in shows and cat shows, did the deserted guy achieve glory and appreciation.

In 1986 she was formally recognised by TICA (The International Cat Association) as an independent race, although she was named Scottish Fold Longhair. In 1991 the CFF (Cat Fanciers' Foundation) awarded him championship title, but with the name Longhair Fold. The ACFA (American Cat Fanciers' Association) calls the race Highland Fold.

Although there is no international recognized name for the race, this kitten is loved by all who meet her.

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