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It is very easy to combine Thailand with other countries of Southeast Asia to experience the fascinating diversity of the region. Combodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar can be reached with short direct flights from various airports in Thailand. Finally, the undesirable looters were driven out and the country reunited. Where are some countries near Thailand? Land near Thailand, Countries near Thailand, Countries near Thailand, Countries near Thailand, Countries near Thailand.

Vacation in Thailand and the neighbouring countries

It is very simple to connect Thailand with other Southeast Asian nations to enjoy the amazing variety of the area. Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar can be accessed with brief one-way services from various Thailandaports. A number of amazing cross-border trips and attractions are the trip across the Mekong River to Luang Prabang in Laos, the trip through the Cardamom Mountains from Cambodia to Koh Chang National Park and the trip from Thailand northwards to the country side of Myanmar.

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A 2-week trip through the centre and south of Thailand (including Phuket) is planned for June 2012. We' ve been to Thailand & Bali 5x, so we looked elsewhere. So where else do Phuket & Thailand enthusiasts go? It would be a disgrace to miss this area if you are already here.

It was the most awesome weeks in which we visited areas where there were no visitors, saw different things, climax of our 5 meters away and can't expect to make a similar next one.

Low-cost Air Asia travel ($50?), and not far away, although it looks like they're not flying directly anymore. I' m also planing to do Chaing Mai & other parts of Nth Thailand on another journey with a friend. Okay then heres another choice, how about Borneo, simple & cheap to get with Air Asia, we handled free flights from Phuket to Singapore then on Kuching, just had to pay Tax.

While you are already in Thailand, I am agreeing it is a disgrace to miss some of the awesome targets there. Here are some pictures of Boracay during my journey. I' ve always had the thought to stay in Phuket and Khao Lak or maybe even Bali and then go to Jakarta/Java and go to a small fishermen' s hamlet named Batu Karas.....and enjoy some rotten days with windsurfing and soothing?

Can I ask you how you got to Manila (which carrier & from where) We are living near Newcastle NSW, so we can go from our own Sydney or Brisbane airports to Melbourne or Sydney to get a plane to Manila, but they seem costly if you need to supplement a home leg to the Philippines and a boating to Boracay?

What station area did you remain in?

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