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Explore countries & capitals, currencies, geographic epithets, inventions & discoveries info. Find any state capitals, currency names using the search bar. Capitales de pays, monnaies et langues Quizzes hilft Ihnen beim Testen und Lernen von Country Capitals, Currencies and Languages. In the following table the countries and dependencies with their capitals are listed in English as well as all other official languages. Extensive list of countries, their capitals and currencies.

Australia Capitals Currencies - Full listing

Australia Capitals Currencies - Complete listing of all Australian capitals. You can also find some interesting facts about Australia. Australasia, also known as Oceania, is the smallest of the continents - 8,112,000 km cover about 5.3% of the earth's soil and 1.5% of the earth's area. Part of the island lies in the Pacific Ocean, which is bounded to the east by the Indian Ocean and to the east by the Southern Ocean.

Its longest is Darling Rivier (2,739 km), a creek of the Murray Riviera in Australia. Australia is the shallowest of the continents with much of Australia as a deserts. Australia or Oceania facts: Australasia is the biggest of the islands (an isle is a landmass encircled by waters on all sides).

Australia, sometimes technically known as Sahul, Australinea or Meganesia to differentiate it from the continental Australasia, is a continental country that includes Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, Seram, possibly Timor and neighboring isles. It was connected to Antarctica as part of the Gondwana subcontinent until the Antarctic drifted towards the northeast about 96 million years ago.

Country Capitals, Currencies and Languages Quiz

The Country Capital, Currencies and Languages Quizzes hilft Ihnen beim Testen und Lernen von Country Capitalitals, Currencies and Languages. But there are different catagories like below in the worldgeography. A new Global et Country Leaderboard ! Country to Capital Cities to Country to Currency Country to Language +Bonus quiz India Country to Capital Cities to Capital Cities to Capital Cities Quiz India Capital Cities to States United States and Capital Cities United States to States Queen Cities Australia Country to Capital Cities Queen Cities Australia Capital Cities to States Canada Provinces Canada Provinces Quiz Canada Capital to Provinces Queen Cities This capital can also be useful when organizing competing public sector tests and inspections such as UPSC,

The global capital public information application will help you to improve your GK (General Knowledge) of the world's capital cities, currency and languages.

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