Country and Nationalities

State and nationalities

Use CAPITAL and small letters carefully. Participate in this quiz and check your answers immediately. On this page you will find Italian vocabulary for countries and nationalities, as well as Italian translations for the names of capitals all over the world! Apparently not comprehensive and based on what my students need, but should be useful to others. Sorry if there are any mistakes (except for.

.... The country of a person's nationality or the country in which the person is considered a national.

Country and nationality

In this unit the pupils are taught different words about different nationalities. Pupils are also taught about labour and how to use their new words in phrases. Revise the national terminology and establish a new terminology about nationalities in the discussion about where they come from.

Introducing and practicing the unique affirmative way of "being" and showing how it is used in contraction. - T attaches a worldmap to the WB and places the country flash cards at the corresponding position on the worldmap. Exercise 1a (4-5 minutes) - Introduction to the national language.

Exercise 1b (4-5 minutes) - Teaching the nationalities and correct pronunciation of each term. Exercise 2a (2-5 minutes) - Give the student the opportunity to hear a record and practise pronunciation of nationalities. 2b (4-5 minutes) - To give pupils the opportunity to practise their nationalities.

  • Demonstrate┬áprocedures by pointing to a country on the WB and receiving a grade response with the appropriate citizenship - associate and link each pupil to be a "country" or a "nationality". - You have the pupils look at the WB and ask each other Qs. Exercise 2c (6-7 minutes) - Give pupils the opportunity to create basic phrases with their new learnt expression.
  • To write: "I come from (country). I' m (nationality)" on WB - Samples for each country and nationalities on 1-12 Lis. Type ("He/She is from ____. He/She is _____.) - Indicate which country and which citizenship each is. Have them use the nationalities on WB to fill in new HO (3a).

Exercise 4 (5-6 minutes) - Introduction to contraction and pronoun. - Use this text on WB: I am --> You are --> He/She/She/It --> - Use finger to show labor and get responses from the toilet. Exercise 5 (1-2 minutes) - Give the student the opportunity to practise the contractures used in sets.

Exercise 6 (2-3 minutes) - Give the student the opportunity to practise what they have learnt. Flexivity ( (2-5 minutes) - To involve the student in an exercise when the class ends 45min. ago. - They are spelling different languages.

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