Countries that Border Myanmar

Neighbouring countries of Myanmar

The border between India and Myanmar is formed by Hills and Chin Hills. Could you name the countries bordering Myanmar? There is no bus or train between Myanmar and any other country, nor can you cross the border by car or motorcycle - you have to walk. lndia shares its political borders with other countries. and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east.

The Myanmar border - 1,118 miles

Thailand-frontiers to four countries: Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos. In Southeast Asia. It has a long 3,021-mile border, which it divides with four countries: Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos. At the beginning of the twentieth c., the border was defined by a large number of agreements between the state and its neighbours.

It is also involved in regional conflicts with Malaysia and Cambodia. Burma is located in western Thailand and is one of four countries with which Thailand share a border. It is the longest border between the two countries and the longest of them.

It begins at the three-point point between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, from where it stretches southwards to the Strait of Malacca. Geographic characteristics are used to determine some parts of the border. The Moei River forms the border between the two countries and separates Tak Province in Thailand from Kayin State in Myanmar.

There are many border points at the border. Myanmar-Thailand Friendship Brigde, a border checkpoint on the Moei River, is a remarkable example. The border checkpoint constructed in 1997 is completely equipped with border control points on the opposite sides of the riverbed. Burma provisionally shut down its side of the border between 2010 and 2011, but this did not stop illicit trafficking to penetrate the border, even though it was strongly defended by Myanmar's armed services.

On a number of occasion, the border has been a witness to violence. An example is the 2010-12 border conflict in Myanmar, in which the Myanmar military and DKBA-5, an insurgency group, met. Border disputes began on 7 November 2010 shortly after the 2010 parliamentary election and continued for about a year and two month.

Approximately three of the civilian population were murdered and another 24 were injured in the border disputes. Bangkok advised the belligerent sides to exercise caution after it turned out that some shells had penetrated the Thai part of the border. The two Cambodia countries share a long shared border to the eastern part of Thailand.

There is an approximately 500 mile long border between the two countries. It begins at the three point linking the two countries with Laos and heads southwards to the Gulf of Thailand. Whilst the two countries are in agreement on the demarcation of a large part of the border, there is a difference of opinion on the Preah Vihear Temple in the north of Cambodia.

In 1907, the French demarcated the border and led to an armistice that took place between 2008 and 2011. Both countries fought for the sanctuary in a battle that resulted in the death of an estimated 36 troops from both sides and at least five soldiers.

On 11 November 2013, the conflict was settled by the Cambodia Supreme Court, which conferred Cambodia independence over the controversial area. A further county that has a common border with Thailand is Malaysia, a county that lies just to the south of Thailand. Thailand's longest border is 314 leagues, making it the world' s longest border.

From the Malacca Strait it stretches eastwards. These two countries also have a sea border on two front lines in the South China Sea and in the Strait of Malacca. At the beginning of the twentieth-century the sea border was built in accordance with the 1909 Anglo-Siamese Treaties, but following the signature of an accord in October 1979, the two countries reached a formal border between them.

Part of the border has border ramparts built as a means of curbing the proliferation of trafficking along the border. They were built on a 32-foot-wide no-man's-land whose jurisdiction does not belong to Thailand or Malaysia. It is over one meter high and will span a longer section of the border.

At the border there are many border crossing points, many of which are roads. There are two level crossing points on the border between Thailand and Malaysia, one linking the border city of Pandang Bensar and the other the border cities of Sungai Kolok (Thailand) and Rantau Panjang (Malaysia). The two neighbouring countries, however, have regional disagreements over the demarcation of the border.

A controversial issue affects the sea border between the two countries and concerns the Gulf of Thailand mainland shelves. They have different interpretations of the scope of the maritime border and have concluded several agreements to resolve the territory war. In May 1990, Malaysia and Thailand concluded an accord allowing both countries to make use of the unexploited area.

It also provided for the creation of the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area, in which Thailand and Malaysia will share all non-living assets evenly, but also discredit all previous territory entitlements of the two countries in the contested area. One other controversial area is a 5. 2 mile expanse of countryside at Jeli Hill located near the Golok River.

Laos is the northern border of Thailand. Both countries have a 1,090 mile long border. The Mekong River follows a long section of the border. It has eight large border crossing points on the border between Thailand and Laos.

Most of these border checkpoints are the Mekong bridge, generally known as "Friendship Bridges". "The liveliest of the border checkpoints is the Nong Khai-Vientiane border checkpoint, which was the first bridge of friendship to be built. A further border checkpoint, which is a bridge of friendship, is the Mukdahan-Savannakhet border crossroad.

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