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Burma has taken steps to improve its AML/CFT regime. The authorities further restricted humanitarian access throughout the country. Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Asia, despite its rich natural resources. This poses major health challenges for the country.

Burma is the poorest place for assistance because the Rohingya people are threatened by monsun.

ACAPS analysis of 37 respondents included nine indications, among them force against relief agencies and constraints that prevent individuals from receiving assistance. "Burma is the most degraded nation in terms of human rights abuses as Rohingya populations have become more and more inaccessible, " the group said in a declaration. ACAPS follows another Tuesday's publication by a UK parliament commission warning of flooding and diseases that could cause the deaths of tens of thousand Rohingya in neighbouring Bangladesh shelters.

Stephen Twigg, Chairman of the International Development Committee, said in a declaration that the clock is ticking and added that the donor "must work with the Bangladeshi government". The imminent storms put at risk the fragility and refuge that the Rohingya have found in provisional refugee camp in Bangladesh," Twigg said.

UN official says almost 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped from Myanmar's Buddhist minority to Bangladesh. Burma has on several occasions rejected allegations of the involvement of soldiers involved in wide-spread mistreatment of Rohingya civilists, particularly in Maungdaw, a frontier county in Rakhine's west state. While the Myanmar administration had permitted some groups to enter the area, it was "short-term and unpredictable," said Pierre Peron, a spokesperson for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Myanmar.

No Myanmar administration spokesperson was available. Britains parliament commission said the Rohingya scenario was likely to deteriorate, with strong rainfalls starting within a few short working hours, followed by the cloudy period. "The IDC said, "Heavy meteorological events and strong rainfalls could cause the death of several thousand Rohingya.

cautioned that the Bangladesh warehouses are ill-equipped to resist the 2. 5 metres of the most heavy rainfall forecast to drop from June to August. Warehouses were quickly constructed, with bunkers in places susceptible to landslips and floods. Bad sanitary facilities and a low immunization coverage of Rohingya, which had very little health care in Myanmar, mean that floods are likely to cause diseases, the IDC said.

The ACAPS said that human rights in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Libya, Mali, Pakistan and Turkey have also worsened.

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