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Who' s gonna sell guns to Myanmar? |

Myanmar's military has influenced the country's policy and foreign policy since its sovereignty of the British in 1948. More than half a centurys the military reigned with an unwavering will. It has been under various embargos and penalties imposed by the European Union and the United States since the early 90s.

Some of these penalties were relaxed in 2012, when the state went through a so-called democratisation process, although an EU weapons ban is still in force. Since 1990, the following chart shows which nations have supplied Myanmar with weapons and highlights China, Russia, India, Israel and Ukraine as their main weapon sources.

Most combat planes, armored cars, cannons and navy vessels come from China, while Russia is the major supplier of ground-to-air rockets.

The Rohingya crisis: Euro-Mediterranean government in Saudi Arabia remains quiet about increasing human catastrophe despite petroleum interests and historical links

As Rohingya Muslims escaped prosecution and butchering in Burma over the past few years, ten thousand have found shelter in Saudi Arabia, home to the most sacred places of Islam. In Saudi Arabia there are already about a quarter of a million Myanmar refugees in the realm under the deceased King Faisal in the 1960'.

15 million in Rohingya assistance this weekend. The expansion of the presence there will require Burma's help. This 771 kilometer long project begins at the Bay of Bengal in the West Burmese state of Rakhine, from where most of the Rohingya were sold. After years of delay, the line was put into operation in April.

In addition, there is a CNG line from Burma's Shwe land. Apparently Azerbaijan, which also exports oil via the Chinese oil pipelines, has ordered 100 tons of humanity work. Turkey, which like Iran is pushing with Saudi Arabia to become the world's center of Muslim influences, has mobilized and sworn to run a shelter there.

Iran, Saudi Arabia's local rivals, has sent at least 40 tons of help. There was a major demonstration to condemn the Indonesian crises aimed at boosting Burma's annual bi-lateral trading to $1 billion. Pakistan People's Party legislator Farhatullah Babar has urged his administration to postpone, or at least delay, the ratification of defense treaties with Myanmar to the tune of several hundred million USdollar.

Said to the Associated Press that an officer was responding to his plea by saying that Pakistan was diplomatically urging Burma to end the fighting. Burma is now in late-stage talks with Pakistan over license manufacturing of the third version of the warplane. However, unless member states take stronger measures themselves, the OIC can do little to put the Burmese authorities under duress.

Meding, a catastrophe relief expert at the University of Newcastle, Australia, said worship is not the only cause of Rohingya being expelled. Burma's Burmese authorities have earmarked 3 million acre in Rakhine state for the region's wealthy natural resource base, he said.

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