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For more information, visit our detailed Burma section. Here is a list of countries you are looking for. A change in the name of the military junta does not suit everyone internationally. You may need yellow fever if you come from certain countries with yellow fever. PIP: Although Burma is potentially one of the richest nations in Asia, it is one of the poorest countries in the world.

About Burma as my new favorite country in Southeast Asia

I really met Burma (Myanmar) for the first time when I saw Anthony Bourdain's award-winning'Parts Unknown'. It was introduced in the very first installment of this long-running TV show, and I was immediately thrilled to go. I was quickly awakened to travelling and my interest in a land that had been insulated from the outside world for 60 years.

The Myanmar voyage. Myanmar is still one of the largest jewels of Southeast Asia. I don't know why I should go to Myanmar. Burma briefly embarked on an experiment with democracies after it gained sovereignty from Britain before it fell under a long period of almost 50 years of war. A large part of the country's people are still in poor condition.

It has a total of 74 billion US dollars in total currency exchange rate, roughly the same as Delawares' economic area. It has a total of almost 53 million inhabitants (per 2014 census) and a total area of 76 square kilometres in comparison to a more populous nation like India with 390 square kilometres. The recent election and the victory of Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy give us a shimmering prospect that genuine Burmese democracies can take root.

Will it be secure to go to Burma? Although the advantage of Burma, which has seen no democratisation, and the absence of industrialisation of its economies is that the countryside throughout the land is still unspoiled and well-conserved. Myanmar guidebook. I' ve had the opportunity to visit Burma for two whole week and the land quickly became my favourite place in Southeast Asia.

Burma's landscape is beautiful with paddy fields, cougars, wildlife and lucky souls. A number of towns are polluted, but this is due to the fact that the country's infrastructures have not yet been fully built up. What is the Burma/Myanmar divide? Before seeing the full democratic and unavoidable capitalist system that will ensue, I suggest that you come to Burma.

Journey now before the land becomes an industrial nations and a touristic Mekka like Thailand. To better comprehend Burma and its troubling colonial period, you need to study George Orwell's Burma Day. You' ll appreciate the most serious kind of gambling and bribery Burma has experienced under UK domination.

Do you want me to call in Burma or Myanmar? In retrospect, I should have taken the rural road from Thailand to Burma instead of going directly to Yangon. Myanmar Travelling Information. Burma trip information. I' d suggest to cross the Thai-Burmese frontier via Mae Sot (at the Thai border) and Myawaddy (at the Burma border).

They have to take a 5-hour coach from Chiang Mai to Mae Sot and then crossing the boarder. Things to see and do in Burma/Myanmar. The cruise is a great way to get to know Burma as you will visit many interesting places along the way, from fishers to small transportation vessels, paragliders and towns.

Burma Route. In Bagan I was more emotionally linked than anywhere else in Southeast Asia. In Myanmar, if you're not an early riser, you have to make an emergency. This is Myanmar's most beautifull place. In Bagan you can hire an e-bike and drive to various mountain huts throughout the old city.

It is a town of 4,000 coupons (literally). There are some of the major sanctuaries in the centre of Old Bagan, such as Ananda (the most beautiful), Dhammayangi (the largest), Thatbyinyu (the highest) and Shwegugyi (for sunrise). On Inle Lake - Take a cruise across Inle Lake to see various interesting places (cheaper if you are sharing the vessel with others) such as a swimming fair, long necks womens, Lotos looms, cigar store, temple and rudder power.

Burma tips for travelers. Myanmar Route. Take the most interesting rail trip of your lifetime. Burma's railroads really rock so much that you just can' t help but think you're on a roll. Soon, I trust you are planning your trip to Burma and enjoying your stay as much as I do.

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