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Thailand shares land borders with Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia and is part of many overland routes, both in Asia and between Europe and Australia. It is bordered by Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar. The list of countries that have concluded bilateral visa waiver agreements with Thailand. of Southeast Asia. Please contact the nearest Thai embassy or consulate for up-to-date information.

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Thailand shares the country's frontiers with Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia and is part of many long-distance trade lanes, both in Asia and between Europe and Australia. It is also one of the most important airfields in Southeast Asia. Primary limitations on long-distance travel to and from Thailand are defined by the location of allowed transitions and visa requirements.

Visas for Thailand's immediate neighbour countries are listed below, but should be reviewed before entry. Although all of Asia's consular offices are in Bangkok (see precious stone fraud), there may be less time to wait in the Consulate outside the capital: Both China and India have consular offices in Chiang Mai, Laos and Vietnam have them.

Many Khao San travel agencies in Bangkok are offering to get your visas for you, but beware: some allegedly fake the postage stamps, which could get you into some serious difficulties, so it's safe to go to the embassy yourself. Getting the right papers is also essential if you plan to bring your own vehicle or motorcycle to Thailand; see the Golden Triangle Cross Riders website ( for tips.

From Burma (Myanmar) there is no land transport to Thailand and there is limited entry in the other area. Three Pagodas Pass near Kanchanaburi is currently open to Thailand's only. These are the limits at which you will usually arrive on a US$10 (or B500) transit visas and then receive a new 15-day entry visas on your return to Thailand; see corresponding account information for more.

Currently, six cross-country trips on the Thai-Cambodian-Bracket are open to non-Thais. For more information on all frontier checkpoints, see the respective city bills; for current travelers' experience and a report on the usual fraud in transit from Bangkok to Siem Reap, see The majority of travelers use either the Poipet intersection, which has traffic links to Sisophon, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and is directly opposite the Thai city of Aranyaprathet, with their transportation to Bangkok and, with a transfer in Sa Kaew, to Chanthaburi; or they take the road from Sihanoukville in Cambodia via Koh Kong and Hat Lek to Trat, which is near Ko Chang on Thailand's eastern coastline.

Northeastern Thailand's crossing points are Chong Chom-O'Smach near Cape Choeng in Surin County ('see crossing the Kambodian frontier across Chong Chom) and Sa Ngam-Choam in Si Saket County. From these two frontiers transportation to Anlong Veng and Siem Reap is provided. In Chanthaburi there are also two crossroads, with transportation to and from Pailin in Cambodia.

Cambodia thirty-day touristic visits are available upon your arrivals at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Airport and all the above mentioned frontiers; you will need $20 and a photograph. You can purchase a thirty-day preliminary entry permit on-line at kh/evisa, which will take three working nights and cost $25; these "e-visas" can only be used at Poipet and Ko Kong airport and border areas, but could help you prevent undue fraud at the border.

The Laotian frontier has five major points where visitors can enter Thailand: You can also use all these boundaries as exit points to Laos, see the corresponding city bank accounts. Thirty days visas on your return can be purchased for US$30-42 (depending on your nationality), plus a photograph, at Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse Airport and all the above mentioned country limits.

You can also buy them in the Laotian embassy in Bangkok or the Laotian consulate in Khon Kaen for about the same charge. It is possible to get from Vietnam to Thailand via Savannakhet on the Lao-Thai frontier in a few hour; you must use the Lao Bao frontier point just to the West of Dong Ha, where you can take a coach to Savannakhet and then another over the Mekong River viaduct to Mukdahan.

Any traveller to Vietnam must buy a valid Vietnam passport in advanced. Duration of a 30-day stay at the Bangkok Ambassador can take up to four working nights and, according to your country of origin, costs from about B1000 (much more for the same or the next day); usually it is processed faster at the Khon Kaen Ambassador's office in Vietnam.

Nevertheless, the Trang and Satun counties on the western coastline are not affected and it is still possible to cross Satun: by sea between the Thammalang River of Satun and Kuala Perlis or Langkawi or by land between Ban Khuan and Kangar; or by sea between Ko Lipe and Langkawi (see locomotion).

The majority of foreigners from the West can stay thirty in Malaysia and fortnight in Singapore without buying a visas, and there are useful Thai foreign or consular offices in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Bharu, Penang and Singapore (see Borders, Renewals and Reentry Permits).

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