Countries and Nationalities in English

Languages and nationalities in English

The United Kingdom - British - English. Scottish - Scottish - English / Gaelic. Ireland - Irish - English. Welsh - English. Finnish - Finnish - Finnish.

Languages and nationalities in English

Find out how to say the name of many different countries and nationalities in English. The following table shows the name of each of the countries in the Land columns, as is customary in English, e.g. "South Korea". In the adjective section you will find the words used to describe something from this land, for example "French cheese".

In the Nationality columns you will find the descriptive term for a specific individual from that particular nationality, for example "a Soviet diplomat". In the Inhabitants columns you can see the name of a Kenyan who has won the London Marathon. Sounds are available for all English words on this page - just click on any of them to listen.

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strong>-IAN / -EAN

A major terminology and pronouncing issue in English is the ability to express the English name of countries, nationalities and nationalities. I have categorized the words in today's lecture to help you better recall them. It is also possible to practise your accent of nationalities. AfricaSouth AfricaAfricaans, English, etc.

There are two ways to say the syllable:

Name of countries and nationalities in English

Citizenship" is not often used in daily conversations. This is a more informal term that is more frequently used in writing in documentation relating to migration or travel. Hardly anyone will ask "What is your nationality" in a regular interview. Nowadays, I would like to encourage you to study the countries and nationalities in English.

Please be aware that the name of countries, nationalities and language always starts with an uppercase in English. They work to make a living, but the Swiss work. Englishmen are proud, France is proud. Which terms do you know about nationalities or forums? Do you speak many different tongues?

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