Cost of Tourist Visa to Myanmar

Tourist visa costs to Myanmar

For information on visa application fees and other related charges, please consult this website: Myanmar Tourist Visa. Fill out the tourist visa application form. In order to apply for a Business eVisa, follow the steps above for the tourist eVisa. VISA-TYPE, SERVICE FEE Costs/Fee, HANDLING TIME.

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For 5~10 vouchers per year (my Tanzania viz was only $100, Kenya was $50) $50 is certainly high. It' s fun how few folks use the e-visa from Myanmar, my girlfriend just got back and saw a group of travellers who were all at the destination.

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Hosted by the site ASEAN, visitors have the possibility to use a number of different payment methods, although the simple to use app still needs a photo. New visas are available for more than 100 different countries with a wide choice of immigration and departure points such as Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw.

Every traveler from the UK who wants to come to Myanmar needs a valid Myanmar Citizen Visas before travelling. If, however, an appointment was necessary, this period will be prolonged to 15 workdays. It can take up to 12 week to apply for a UK residence permit. Passsport Index, which had already published figures in February 2018, found that the UK is the 4th strongest country in the global passenger population.

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Hello everyone, I just want to exchange my experiences with obtaining a Myanmar tourism visas in India (as it was not so simple to get information about, especially for a non-Hindi speaker)! We' d heared about a touristic permit on our way here, but we had some doubt..... Since the Myanmar Consulate in Delhi agreed to call confirming that the entry permit for India was restricted to the business permit, visitors must obtain a permit from the consulate prior to their departure.

We have learnt, however, that we can apply for our visas from afar! But it was not so simple to find a trustworthy one, and the services were costly. Therefore we have chosen to submit the bid via the Blue Dart Courrier Services. Request included: - A second envelope with our adress so you can return the pass AND about 500Rs (to return the mail through Blue Dart) => At this point we screwed up, so please verify with the message if this amount should be in the same claim form as the 1200Rs for the surcharge !

Visas were issued by the Swiss Federal Foreign Office in no more than 2 working day and your passport was sent home to you!

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