Cost of Myanmar Tourist Visa

Costs of Myanmar Tourist Visa

Who can apply for a Myanmar tourist visa online? Obtaining a Myanmar visa online. A: Apply for a visa at the Myanmar embassy in your home country. Myanmar Embassy in Canada declares all visa application information except the cost! You may be entitled to an ETA if you have a citizen's passport issued by one of the following countries or regions and do not need to apply for a tourist visa.

Burma tourist visa charges doubled

Myanmar's majority of tourists (with the exception of some ASEAN countries) require a visa. As of 2014, e-visas have been available to people from a large number of different nations, but prices have always been a bit weird. It' $50 for a simple 28-day tourist E-visa. However it usually only cost $20 for a 28-day visa label to be displayed at an Embassy.

They can use a visa to travel to Myanmar at any legitimate checkpoint. Using the E-visa gives you less versatility and it is more expensive. Nevertheless, for many individuals it was still necessary to send a pass and request forms to an embassy because of the shorter issue times and the lower effort involved.

Burma has generally increased its visa charges and now charges $40 for a visa label. If you include shipping charges, a tourist visa now cost the same (or more) than an e-visa. There is no need to request a Myanmar visa at an Myanmar Consulate unless you want a visa that is not available in E-visa (e.g. frequent visits or worship visas), you want to go to a check-point where the E-visa is not recognised (these are usually in frontier areas where the trip is already restricted), or you need a visa in less than 3 working nights (express services are available in some Myanmar Ambassadors and Myanmar Counsels for an extra fee).

Myanmar visa for Russia

Does Myanmar need a visa for Russia? Myanmar citizens are only permitted to travel to Russia if they have a legal visa. What is the best way to get a Myanmar visa? You can apply for a visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Russia. You must order an invoice from Russia to get a visa.

Letters can come in various file sizes, according to how they are output. You will need to take your visa, your letters of invitations and other documentation to the embassy and complete the visa claim paper. Myanmar citizens can apply for one of the following visa options, according to their use: the type of visa they need:

The tourist visa is for those who want to visit places of interest and visit for tourists. It is good for people who want to see your Russians but it is advisable to get a tourist visa instead, as it is an easier and more dependable way to do so.

It is suitable for expatriates interested in investigating commercial possibilities in Russia. Working visa is necessary for those nationals of the country who are seeking employment in Russia. The number of admissions allowed and the visa's expiry date depend largely on what is stated in the notice of invitations and how it was granted.

These responsibilities may be assumed by a family member of the Myanmar residents, their counterparts, an organisation, an employer or a tour operator. How can I get a visa in Myanmar? They can obtain a visa for Russia in any of the consulates of the Russia in Myanmar.

Refer to the Russian Consulate Directory in Myanmar, along with their telephone numbers and locations listed below. Myanmar citizens can go to Russia on a tourist visa applied for at the Russian embassy. To obtain a visa, they must go to the embassy, they must cover the consulate fees (regardless of whether the visa is refused or issued) and they must file the entire document pack, which includes the visa invitations.

Letters of Visa Assistance can be purchased from any tourist agent listed in the Federal Registry of Russian TMC. For Myanmar, this kind of invitations to Russia can be issued within one working days. There are two parts to this kind of invitations: the tourist coupon and the acknowledgement of the reception of tourists from abroad.

In your notice of invitations, please include the company's unique number ( "mandatory"), its name, your juridical adress, the tourist's identity and route with information about the hotel (s) in which you would like to spend the night. It must also contain information about the length of the journey and the number of items required.

Visas by the Tourist Visa Notice do not provide a 100% warranty for the receipt of the tourist visa. It is, however, obligatory if you apply for such a visa. If the Russian Embassy makes a favourable ruling, the visa will be granted for a duration of up to 30 day.

Myanmar nationals wishing to travel to the Federation to meet a group of Russians or to seek health care at a health care institution in Russia must obtain a personal visa. It is the duty of the welcoming parties to prepare a personal notice of invitations. For this purpose, the individual who invites the international tourist must submit an application for a visa to the Federal Migration Bureau in the place of residency.

Applicants must also provide a copy of the Myanmar citizen's identity card, which contains his/her own information together with the profit and loss account and the warranty certificate. Warranty declaration must state that all costs of subsistence of the guest for the whole period of his visa will be borne by the host.

It may take up to 30 working nights to apply for a written notice of invitations to assist a visa holder. Applicants must also see an agent of the same name. It is obligatory for people inviting residents of any country on the hazardous destination lists.

Juridical persons can also request the issuance of a supporting document for a visitors' visa. FMS has the right to reject the notice of invitations; the reason for the rejection will be given in this case. Notice of invitations for a visitors visa entitles the holder to a single or dual visitors visa.

Visitors' visas are valid for 90 day. Myanmar citizens who wish to travel to Russia to sign a treaty or establish new trade relations require a visa for doing so. S/he must obtain an official Russian visa from Russia.

You can request the visa in both ways: FMS Russia Invitational Document (available online); FMS Russia Invitational Document; Telex Russia Invitational; Any enterprise licensed by FMS is authorized to write invitations for the issuance of visas. You only need 1 working days to write this kind of invitations.

Applicants may also send a written notice of invitations to the competent authority. Letters of assistance for a one- or two-entry visa will be dealt with within 12 working day. The process of applying for a multi-pass visa can take up to 17 day. Letters of invitations, filled out in the format of fax messages, are instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to the Russian Embassy.

Myanmar citizens can file visa applications with the embassy as soon as they receive their visa number. There are no hard copies of the invitations. Visas can be valid from a few working nights up to one year. Myanmar citizens looking forward to working in Russia need a work visa.

Such a visa request will require considerable help from the Russian-based employers. Companies that wish to hire an expatriate in Myanmar are required to obtain the necessary work permit documentation for the expatriate. It is also necessary to present a written confirmation that the enterprise is inviting the alien to work for the RFCO.

Before they are sent to the people of Myanmar, all documentation should be well-documented. When all the filed documentation is in order, the first visa is issued for 3 months. Upon his arriving in the Russian Federation, he must apply to the immigration services and renew his work visa.

Visa holder's relatives may use his work visa for the entire duration of the work agreement if they wish to travel with him to Russia. The visa must be renewed every year. Russish Embassy in Myanmar: Myanmar nationals can obtain a visa in these consular centres of the Russia:

Opening hours:

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