The Corozal Town is a city in Belize, the capital of the Corozal District. The Corozal is becoming more and more popular with expats and native Belizeans. Discover the holidays in Corozal Town and discover the best times and places to visit. In Corozal we share a strong historical bond with our Mexican neighbours and are the birthplace and home of the Mestizos (Mayan and Spanish cultures).


The Corozal City is a city in Belize, the capitol of the Corozal District.... Situated about 84 nautical miles from Belize City and 9 nautical miles from the Mexican frontier, Corozal Village is a small village in the middle of the world. Corozal Town's total populace, according to the most important results of the 2010 Corozal Townsensus, is 9,871. It was a privately owned property before it became a city in the 1840' s, mainly inhabited by Maya Mestizo fugitives from the Yucat√°n caste war.

Mestizos, half Hispanic, half Hispanic, half Indian, had proven to be enormous ally of the Spaniards and were therefore deadly foes of the Mayan Indians. In Bacalar, Mexico - a mestizo stronghold thirty nautical miles northern of Corozal Town - a massive slaughter eventually resulted in the expulsion of tens of thousands of mestizoes from Bacalar and the area.

From 1848 to 1856, more than 10,000 fugitives passed across the Rio Hondo, the current border between Belize and Mexico. Those emigrants took shelter in the north of Belize and enlarged the Corozal Town community to 4500. Mr. James Blake, a judge, settled them on the land in Corozal County and assisted them in building the new harvest - sucrose beets.

Mestizo fugitives were far from secure in Corozal City, as Mayan Indians from the Mexico-based Santa Cruz Bravo - now Carrillo Puerto - made several invasions of Corozal City. Corozal became a defensive military stronghold and Barlee Castle was constructed here in 1870. Today the forts tile pillars encircle the postal building opposite the main plaza.

Emigrants introduced the Mayan mestizo culture: Yucatec Spanishs and Mayan Mayan languages, Catholicism and Mayan Folklore, the use of alkalis, their familial structures and lifestyles. Opposite the Corozal Town cove are the hills of Cerros, the first Mayan seaside mall. One of the most important pre-Classical Mayan places, Cerros was the first attempt at royalty in the Mayan realm.

In Corozal itself there is another Mayan Ruin from the 14th centuries AD. The pyramidal complex known as Santa Rita lies on the ruins of a Mayan town that dominates the area for more than 2000 years. It was probably part of the Chactumal, the Mayan capitol of the area at the outbreak of the first attempts by Spain to capture the Yucatec Mayans in the early sixteenth centuries.

Approximately 90% of the city was devastated by Janet in 1955, and most of today's buildings were devastated by the storm. Corozal Hospital supplies the city. The 2010 Corozal Housing and Population Census shows that the city has a combined resident base of 9,871, 4,740 men and 5,131 women.

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