Cornish Rex

Rex Cornish

Cornish Rex and Scottish Fold cats. Cornish Rex is a study in curves, with curly fur, curved profile, large expressive ears and whippet-like arched bodies. The Cornish Rex cats are excellent pets. Cornish Rex is a strikingly unusual cat, who despite her appearance has a friendly personality. Cornish Rex is a very active cat that is always in motion;

she will often like to play alone when nobody can play with them.

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Race profile: Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is a curve design with curled fur, sweeping tread, large and powerful expression in the ear and whippet-like camber. Despite their refined, sleek look, they are anything but chilly, distant or graceful. These are loving, people-oriented and energetic kittens whose kittenish farces will last a life time. Popular Cornish Rex puzzles are fetching and catching, and they can even use their moving hands to lift and throw small items.

The Cornish Rex is a very robust race. They' re the ideal pet for the pet owners who want to share their families' lives with them. One of the most conspicuous features of the race is its very conspicuous curled hair. In the ideal case the hair falls in marshafts, is very brief, fits tightly to the skin and is unbelievably smooth to the touch, which leads to a comparison with smooth silks, caracul lambs, bunny skin or satin.

Indeed, nothing else felt exactly like a Cornish Rex cloak. Beside the fur, this race is characterised by a distinctive egg-shaped header with high cheek-bones, a strongly spanned romantic nostril and large, highly put on-ons. Despite their delicate looks, these small to medium-sized females are very strong and strong, with well developed thighs and long feet for rapid start and stop, rapid turns and high jump.

Due to the Cornish Rex's brief, finely structured fur, some folks wrongly believe that they are not repulsive and hypo-allergenic. Indeed, all kittens renew their fur continuously as old hair s are substituted by new ones. Compared to some other races, the Cornish Rex loss is minimum, but they actually lose.

Though the Cornish Rex females appear beyond the world, they come from Cornwall, England, where they first appear in a cattery of stable males in 1950. There was a cream-coloured man called Kallibunker, and he was clad in narrow lines of small locks that gave him the look of a small sheep. Kalli bunker was a real change and was reared back to its dam to make frizzy kitten.

These lured females were raised with Myanmar, Siamese and UK shorthaired females, resulting in a wide range of Cornish Rex genetics and the recognition that the genes were transgenic. When choosing a Cornish Rex cat you should consider what traits are most important to you and talk to the grower who usually knows every cat and can help you find the right one.

Prices for Cornish Rex generally depend on the species, identification and blood lines identified by Grand Champion (GC), national or regional Champion Parents (NW or RW) or Distinguished Merit Partners (DM). Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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