Copper Age Timeline

Timeline of the Copper Age

CHALCOLITHIC, BRONZE AGE AND IRON AGE. Cultures and individuals used Copper Age technology after the Copper Age. Calibrated radiocarbon data is the absolute chronology of the Copper Age of the autopathia basin. Copper Age, Bronze Age, & Iron Age.

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The Copper Age Story - Video & Lesson Transcript

In time, many people began to use metals in their society. We will study the Copper Age in this unit and see what effect this has had on global evolution. In time, all mankind depended on the technique of rock-making. Finally, some of these crops began the development of farming, still with stonework, which we call Neoolithic or Lateolithic.

Then many companies found bronzes, which gave the impetus to what is known as the bronce age. From the Neolithic to the Bronzes, the passage required experiments, failures and innovations and created a company based on real bronzes. It is known as the Halkolithic era between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age, when mankind began to experiment with metals and gradually reorganize its companies.

As the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, it is also called after the materials that modified everything. Bienvenue. Welcome to the Copper Age. Chalcolithic times were a period of far-reaching societal and intercultural changes. We would like to point out that not all companies began this procedure at the same or in the same way.

A few have never chosen metals. A great agricultural environment became dryer and many communities reverted to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. This has led to increased resource pressure and increased experimenting with new material for more effective use. It is beautiful and easily processed, but it is extremly smooth and not suitable for tooling; therefore it was used for jewellery.

But you often find it next to another mineral: copper. It is relatively heatable and can be processed into various forms, but after cooling it is much thicker than solid metal. It is said that the real Copper Age lasts from about 3500 to 2300 BC. It was during this period that mankind began to use copper on a large scale for a wide range of avenues.

It was used to produce metallic implements for the agricultural, building and other areas of everyday use. You also used rock implements, but metals became more and more attractive. It also used copper for arms to protect its natural resource in this competitive age.

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