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United in Micronesia at a glance

MIAMI- On May 16, 1968, Continental Airlines and other shareholders established Air Micronesia on the Isle of Saipan to service the U.S. Isles known as the Federated States of Micronesia. A Boeing 727-100 and a Douglas DC-6 as well as two Grumman Albatross amphibious planes for targets that did not yet have an airport at that year.

Introducing jets like the 727 gave tourists, especially from Asia, easy entry to the Micronesia area and enabled many local people to go beyond their usual area. With many Pacific regions reorganising and gaining more independence, Saipan flights declined but on Guam Islands increased quickly.

Guam's first flight to Japan began in the early 1980s as Continental's stake and part in Air Micronesia increased and the airline's new name became Continental Air Micronesia. Air Mike's call sign was an acronym of the initial name Air Micronesia. In addition, the company had the difference that it had the only regular flight between Guam and one of the 50 US states, Hawaii.

In addition, when Continental was wholly owned by Continental, the company's name became known as Continental Micronesia. At the end of the 90s, when Continental Airlines began a large modernisation of its fleets, the Boeing 737-800 became the most frequent member of the Continental Micronesia family. Bigger planes such as the Boeing 767-400 and 777-200 were operating the non-stop services to Honolulu (HNL), which were outside the 737's area.

Caper Air, which operated local flights for Continental on the US East Coast, also landed in Guam on July 1, 2004 to supply Saipan with turboprop aircraft instead of the 737. A further award from Continental Micronesia was that it became the biggest privately owned company in Guam with 1,500 people.

There was strong passenger traffic to HNL and Japan. As a result of the 2008 global financial crisis, Continental Micronesia was forced to postpone its growth plan. In addition, this increase in petrol fares resulted in the suspension of services to Hong Kong and Bali and the suspension of services to Saipan, its initial airbase, which did not fly to Manila until 2008.

In the end, the carrier began its flights to Hong Kong and Saipan again. Continental Airlines and United Airlines on May 2, 2010 pronounced a fusion and left open a number of open issues regarding the further development of Continental Micronesia. Prior to the conclusion of the fusion on March 3, 2012, Continental and Continental Micronesia merged into a unique SOC, which marks the end of Continental Micronesia and its call sign "Air Mike".

Following the contractual negotiation, the Guam staff entered the merger and Guam will remain a node in the United Continental Holdings joint alliance. Under its GUM Harbor, United currently has 18 targets. In 2014, the only big shift from the continental Micronesia grid is the launch of the Shanghai services, with Guam for the first case serving the Chinese continent.

The majority of Boeing 737 -700 and -800 aircraft are in service, while 777 carry all HNL and some Narita services. In Micronesia, Cape Air has a United Express aircraft consisting of three ATR 42 aircraft. A highlight of United's Micronesian ecosystem is the "Island Hopper" GUM - HNL tour, which existed before the M&A.

These services take place three days a week and last over 14h. Several of the isles in the rail system are very sparsely populated and do not need a GUM customer support team. At the other end, United operates regular services from GUM to Honolulu, Manila, the Philippines, Nagoya, Japan, and Fukuoka, Nagoya Osaka and Tokyo in Japan.

Cape Air also operates flights to Saipan every day.

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