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Burma is a country in Southeast Asia. In order to put it into context, it lies at the interface between the South Asian continent of India, the Southeast Asian peninsula Indochina and the East Asian continent of China. In order to put it into context, it lies at the interface between the South Asian continent of India, the Southeast Asian peninsula Indochina and the East Asian continent of China. Burma is the largest of the five countries on the mainland of Southeast Asia. Are the United States on the continent North America, Liberia on the continent Africa and Myanmar on the continent Europe?

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Burma is a county in southeastern Asia. In order to put it into perspective, it lies at the interface between the continent of India in southern Asia, the Indochina in southeastern Asia and the continent of China in eastern Asia. Burma is limited by 5 countries: Like a dragon whose long tails reach far to the north?

Myanmar is the biggest nation in the whole wide area, only slightly taller than France. It' the biggest land on the Indochina promontory, greater than Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia or Singapore. Myanmar is large enough to enjoy a wide variety of geographies, landscapes, peoples, wildlife and wildlife.

Irrawaddy is a deep valley in the Bay of Bengal. Or, look at the desert-like plains of Bagan and liken them to the remote jungle on the Myanmar-Thai-Beltier. Irrawaddy, the major stream in Myanmar, runs through the pollard wadden from the north to the southeast. Rudyard Kipling's poetry also describes the flow as "The Way to Mandalay".

It starts at the outlet of the Kaulquappe, in the Himalayas. Then it runs through the human organism, through some of the most densely populated towns in the land, among them Myitkyina the Neck, Mandalay the Gut, Bagan the Intestine, and eventually Yangon the Bengalese Bung.

Many civilisations have emerged on the shores of the city. A ride along the riverbank is a classical way for the visitor to enjoy the land's agelessness. There are several possibilities, from a full days excursion to Mingun, one hours upstream from Mandalay, to a 7 days long Bhamo to Yangon tour.

Luxurious cruise ships cruise the more beautiful sections of the canal. Recommended is a 2-day, 1-day trip from the Mandalay to the old Bagan. From Sagaing you have a fantastic view over the clear waters all the way through the city. You will be taken to the potteries, a convent and a local language class.

The next mornings of the second half of the trip we drive further downriver to Bagan to see a small town on a riverbank and find out more about the life of the people. When the sun sets, passers-by get off at the Bagan Aye Yar landing stage. Myanmar's major towns are on the Irrawaddy River:

The Mandalay at the headwaters, Bagan in the centre and Yangon at the lower part. Naypyidaw (the new capital), Mawlamyine (a harbour town) and Taunggyi in the Inle Lake area are other notable as well. The historic centre of the country, Mandalay has a total of more than 1,000 inhabitants.

This was Myanmar's capitol before the British founded the British empire and relocated the capitol to Yangon in 1855. Situated in the centre of the town, the 413 hectare large imperial residence is still fully preserved and can be recognised by its four 2 km long ramparts and a 64 m broad ditch. The majority of Mandalay is chosen for at least 2 nights and visit the many Buddhist monasteries like Shwenandaw Kyaung, Kuthodaw Pagoda and Mahamuni.

Taking pictures of the stunning U Bein Bridge at dusk or observing the sundown from the top of Mandalay Hill will give you a new view of this area. Head to the remains of near-by antique cities such as Inwa (which was Burma's capitol for over six centuries), sagaing (famous for hundred of whites, silvers and golden pagodas) and Mingun (an incomplete large stupa).

After all, you make a full length trip to the next stop - Bagan. It is a small city on the Irrawaddy River with around 300,000 inhabitants. His archaeological area is probably one of the most interesting areas in Asia, especially for those interested in Buddhism.

Bagan has many things to do, such as the unique sensation of flying across the plains in a hot air ballon. Scale the Shwesandaw Pagoda to observe the sun rise or set, go to Ananda Temple to find out more about the Buddha's way of living, ride a horse-drawn carriage and ride through the plains, see nearby towns and the Nyaung subway store, take a ride on a ship at sundown or simply remain at nearbyresort.

It was the capitol of Myanmar until 2005, when the army regime relocated the capitol to Naypyidaw. With a population of 5.2 million, Yangon is the biggest town in the state. This is Myanmar's business, culture and finance centre and the most important port of call connecting Myanmar with the outside world.

It has preserved much of its nostalgic charms, with many nostalgic monuments. Yangon's central building complex is the biggest of its kind. Yangon's main attraction is mainly between the Yangon and the Shwedagon Pagoda, a gilded memorial constructed over 2,500 years ago, covered in bullion and adorned with beads.

Learn more about the top 5 sights in Myanmar. Since the relaxation of the tourist blackout in 2010, million of tourists have travelled to Myanmar. In addition to Myanmar's unparalleled civilization and the fact that the land has been isolated from the outside worlds for so long, the friendly and polite nature of the Myanmar tribe is another of the reasons why Myanmar is so enchanting to travel.

The majority of Myanmar's travelers begin their trip in Yangon, stay for two nights and observe the pulsating streets, sacred relics and colorful archiature. Then, a two-day trip to Mandalay to explore the remains of the country's gold age and the surrounding antique capital cities before watching the sun set from the U Bein-Teakbridge.

Next you can take a river cruise to Bagan, one of the most spectacular archaeological areas in Southeast Asia, with more than 2,000 sites stretching across a plains. Enjoy two good nights in Bagan, with a lot to discover. Myanmar's most visited gateways are Yangon, which can be reached by plane from Bangkok (Thailand), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Singapore and Kunming (China).

We do not offer air travel to Myanmar from the United States, the United Kingdom or Europe. Singapore and Bangkok offer most of Yangon's services, while there are Dragonair services from Hong Kong, All Nippon services from Tokyo and Qatar Airways from Doha. Myanmar travelers' visa can be obtained through the Myanmar website or from Myanmar Embassy and Consulate offices around the world.

Learn more about Myanmar application for a Myanmar visas. Learn more about how to get to Myanmar. Myanmar is available for tailor-made trips. The tour starts or ends in Yangon or Mandalay and lasts about 9 nights; visit Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

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