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For more information about our company, visit http://consult-myanmar. com and our YouTube channel at http://youtube. com/consultmyanmar. The Consult-Myanmar Co Ltd is a leading management consultancy in Myanmar. For more information about our company, please visit www. . ÅF offers a complete cycle of energy consulting and engineering services to companies, investors and government agencies worldwide. View Consult-myanmar's profile for competitors, acquisition history, news and more.

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Consultt-Myanmar Co Ltd is a premier management consulting firm in Myanmar. Providing consulting services to international companies seeking to penetrate Myanmar. We' re having lunches in some of the best places in Myanmar every month. Thingyan is closed for 10 and Christmas/New Year for 7 working nights.

Consultt-Myanmar Co Ltd - (based in Myanmar) consulting firm intern

Seventy-seven Kaingdan Street, first floor, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Consultt-Myanmar Co Ltd is a Singapore based business based in Myanmar. Providing consulting services to international companies seeking to penetrate Myanmar. Is this trainee programme on offer? Quite honestly, there have been too many misconceptions and misconceptions about the Myanmar markets that need to be resolved and rectified.

We' ve chosen to start the Myanmar Internship Programme to close the gulf between the two. We hope that the trainees who complete our programme will become Myanmar messengers when they return to their own countries and help others better appreciate the beauties and opportunities in the new Myanmar.

For once in a life, an occasion to be in the whirlpool of a reclusive land that is now opening up to the whole wide underworld. Yangon Myanmar International Program Opportunities We are offering a 6-month placement in our Yangon offices for graduates with the right people. The reimbursement is moderate, accommodation is simple, you have to buy your own flight and your own insurances, but you will be subjected to the full range of work that our consultants do in Myanmar.

Has to be of full-aged nationality, e.g. years old for Britons & Australians at ? years old for Singaporeans. Has to have the wish to work in an emerging markets where circumstances are never perfect, where you have to improve and study as you walk. He must be a genius with Microsoft Office.

You will receive free lodging and a wage of 300,000 Kyat per months in your area. Your own return flight to Yangon and your own health and travelling expenses for your 6-month period in Yangon must be paid for. "Internship application."

Send us your CV, your picture, your Skype ID and the names/contact information of 2 people (preferably teachers, counsellors or former employers) using Microsoft Word, the 6-month term (please indicate the months) you are available for the placement, and let us know in your e-mail why we should be offering you the placement in no more than 300 words.

Candidates who do not comply with the restrictions on words and filesize, communicate with our agency via e-mail, phone or via our agency will have their qualifications removed inadvertently.

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