Congo Weather

Weather in Congo

It is the best time to visit the Congo: when to look for the best weather and climate. Weather Forecast for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Best time to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo, including current weather conditions, temperatures and rainfall. The climate in the Republic of Congo, an African country crossed by the equator, is equatorial (hot and humid all year round, without dry season) and tropical (hot and humid, with a dry and a rainy season) in the centre and south. The weather and climate guide of the Democratic Republic of Congo shows you the best time for a visit and the necessary clothes in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Congo's characteristic weather

"When' s the best season to go to the Congo," is the complicated one. The best moment for a stay in Congo depends on you, because a person's best moment can be the worse! If you look at our comprehensive Congo weather guides, you can't forget that no one can be sure that the weather will be exactly the same during your journey, as the weather is becoming increasingly erratic throughout Africa.

For the Congo, we have used the best resources we have.... and yet they seem to contradict each other a little. The following is a brief in writing what we are informed about the weather in Congo. You will find diagrams with current climatic stats from the last year on the right-hand side and on the "Climate statistics" page at the top.

While we are aware that these two are slightly different, perhaps indicating that the climatic information is not characteristic.... but without truly dependable long-term climatic information, it is the best we can do. There is a remarkable drought period from June/July to August in the main areas of Congo, where the Odzala National Park is in.

The best season to go to Congo is therefore when it is driest: See similar climatic maps and information for our other Africa tourist sites for comparison: The Botswana clima - Different from the Congoi one. - A bit like the weather in the Congo, but dryer and much colder.

  • Similar to the Congo but much dryer. - Unlike the Congo countryside. - Unlike the Congo countryside. - Slightly similar to the Congo weather, but slightly colder. - More different than the weather in the Congo. - Quite different from the Congo countryside.
  • More different than the weather in the Congo. - Unlike the Congo countryside. - Somewhat like in the Congo, with a more intense wet spell at the beginning of the year and less precipitation at the end of the year. - Quite different from the weather in the Congo.

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