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Receive the weather forecast of Como. Weather in Lake Como. Current and current weather in Lake Como, Italy is updated regularly. The weather at Lake Como - The seasons. Weather page provides a local weather forecast for Lake Como, powered by The weather network.

Como Lake Weather Update

45 km in Lombardy, 45 km from Milan, lies the wonderful Lombardy area. With 400 meters, the sea is one of the lowest in Europe and with 146 km2 one of the biggest Italian seas. Como is a Y-shaped area, with the cities of Lecco and Como in the south-west and south-east (the top of the Y).

Como' s weather is very similar to Milan. Due to the closeness to such a large body of fresh air, however, the weather is somewhat less severe than in Milan, as the soft summer temperatures keep the weather moderate. Throughout the Como Lake area, the Mediterranean climate is famous; the summer is long and warmer without getting unbearably hot, while the winter is gentle and never bitter.

The Lake Como is famous and a favourite place for VIPs, it also became famous for the opening scenes of James Bond: as a vacation resort it resembles the near Lake Garda. Lake Como's springs are very nice as the blossoming blossoms of this area. Rains are quite even all year round, but vernal time is definitely the wetest of seasons and can see deluge-like rains that can last 1 or 2 nights.

May, for example, sees 128 mm of precipitation 16 nights a year. But after the rains you will certainly encounter a good run of clear, sunshiny weather. In March it is 8 hrs of Sunday morning sun, in April 10 hrs and in May 12 hrs.

Also in the springs the temperature in Lake Como rises, with an avarage of 9°C in March and 16°C in May with maximum values of 20°C. Featuring breathtaking countryside and fewer visitors than in the summers, it' s a good season to explore Lake Como - just think about packing your parasol!

Summers are the most favourite season, with beautiful weathershapes. Summers in Como start in May, when the days' high reaches 20°C on averages. Summers will see the one or the other days when the temperature of amalgam exceeds 30°C, but a cold breeze from the other side of the water will make sure that it never felt too high.

The nights and colder nights are still comfortable and are between 18°C and 22°C on averages. Como has an averages of 11 to 12 hrs of suntan in the summers, making it a favourite season for solar worshipers - and the beautiful view of the sea in bright sundowners. However, Como has a few rains in its summers, with an annual rainfall of 13 rainy nights per calendar day, so the visitor should be ready for the opportunity to get soaked, although July and August are relatively dry with 97 mm of it.

The Como lake is beautiful in fall when the foliage changes color. The weather changes with a changing scene, as September weather starts to fall and reaches 22°C. In October the mean is 13°C, in November it cools down to 8°C.

It is advisable to cover yourself with a few hot coats as the temperatures can be as low as 5°C-10°C for a few colder than this. Fall is still a good period to come to Lake Como, with about 8 hrs of rain per night. This area will be much calmer than the high seasons in summers, so that holidaymakers can relax and spend a quiet moment.

In part, Lake Como retains warmth in the summer and emits it in cold weather due to the masses of rain that moderate the year round climate, as the ocean does in the coastline. However, in the Como lake seasons, however, it is near zero, and January is generally the coolest months, with an mean minimum of 1° Celsius and a peak of only 6° Celsius.

Mean temperature in January and February is 4°C and 5°C respectively. The duration of the sun falls to 6 hrs per days in December and January, but this is an increase over the 3 hrs per days that the UK expects at this season. In the area, occasionally snows can drop when you go to higher altitudes, but it is not common to find them in the lowland near the lak.

Most of the northerly parts of Lake Como tend to be a few degree colder than the southern part and the northerly part also gets more precipitation - this is due to the close vicinity of the northerly part to the Italian Alps. Winters can still be a good period to come because you can make the most of the low seasons and savour Lake Como when it's serene.

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