Colorpoint Shorthair

Colourpoint Shorthair

Colourpoint Shorthair are a variety of domestic cats. Colorpoint Shorthair is one of the most talkative of all cat breeds. His short and shiny coat only needs to be brushed occasionally. Get to know the unique history, breed specifics and health issues of Colorpoint Shorthair cats from the vets of the VCA veterinary clinics. Colorpoint Shorthair is a cross between the breeds Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair.

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One year old Red Pointiamese. Colourpoint Shorthair are a multitude of house kitten. They can be regarded as an independent race or, if at all, as a variation of an already existent cattery. They match a broad palette of sixteen different spot colours that go beyond the four basic Siam colours.

This strain was first developed by crossing Siamese and American Shorthair - the same blend as the Oriental Shorthair, but with different targets. Colorpoint Shorthair divides the dot colour with the Siamese, but in the unconventional colours of red, creme, tortoiseshell und tortoise and liyn (tabby) and smaller variants thereof.

With regard to physicality, form and other characteristics, it can lie between the two basic races, which show a tendency to thai outlines. For those who prefer the classic Siam look, you may also prefer the more moderately colorpoint shorts, which come in form after their American Shorthair forefathers. CFA and WCF are the only large registers that recognise the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) and the World Cat Federation (WCF) as an independent race.

On other registers they belong to the shorthair breed Siamesque or Eastern (and cannot be acceptable as breed and exhibition qualities, according to the colours permitted by the register in these races and whether they allow outcrossing in the line). Since this cat is a cross, different registers are resistent against the acceptance either as a breed or as a legal Thai cat.

Three months old Thai kitty with big scarlet spot. A Colorpoint Shorthair can also be one of the four typical Thai colours in the CFA, but it can only be displayed in the Persian family's flash-point (also known as the flash-point ) or in the cream-coloured point or in one of the above colours in the tab-by point (also known as the tortoise shell).

The Colorpoint Shorthair is not regarded as an independent race in most registers besides CFA, but only as a colour category in Thai breeding. In the 1940', the attempt to make a pointed Thai styled female in colours other than the four traditionally used in England and America by breeder crossbreeds between the Siameses, Abyssinians and the native short hair.

American Shorthair also became part of the array. At first, Colorpoint growers suffered set-backs and failure; in an attempt to get the right colours in the right places, the Thai guy was often sacrificial. It was made even more difficult to breed because it was difficult to work with the colour reddish, because it is a sex-linked colour.

Colorpoint Shorthair is a bright, cheerful and philanthropic race. As the Siamese, they can be very noisy and attention-grabbing and feel a need for social interaction. Colorpoint Shorthair is available in different spot colours. Cream Point, Cinnamon Point, Fawn Point, Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, Lilac Point, Lynx Point (in one of the colours), Tortie Point (in one of the colours) and Torbie Point (in one of the colours).

When a cat comes from Colorpoint Siamese parentage, it is recorded as Colorpoint Siamese because it is still hereditary. The CFA and CCA do not tolerate colorpoint shorthair as colorpoint, they are regarded as eastern shorthair. The CFA does not reveal the points of fawns and zinnamon.

The CCA allows the representation of peaks of the teat and teat as short haired in the Orient. "The Colorpoint Shorthair Cat - Information on Cat Breeds".

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