Colorpoint Persian

Colourpoint Persian

The Himalayas can be classified as a long-haired sub-race of the Siamese or as a Colorpoint subrace of the Persians in some registers. Color-point Persian comes from the cross between Siamese and Persian cats. Colour Point x Lynx Point Chocolate CPC Calculator. In America the Colorpoint Persian is also known as Himalaya and is a color variant of the Persian breed. Longhair Colorpoint (Gro├čbritannien), Persan pointu, Himmy, Persian Colorpoint, Persian-Himalayan, Khmer (historisch) - Registre :

Himalaya / Colorpoint Persians Pictures and Information

Long-haired with marks (Colorpoint), is known as a Himalaya kitten race invented by a man during cultivation experimentation when the Swede genetician Dr. Tjebbes bred Siamese, Persian and Burmese in the 1920s.

In the 1930s, two Harvard School of Medicine scientists came to the conclusion that it was necessary to continue the crossbreeding - this times of known purebred monkeys - in order to reach the hereditary transmission of certain traits. Paired Thai smoked, silvery brindle and a long haired Persian blacks, but this year in a conscious effort to get a specimen of a Thai with Persian coat and build.

The first longhaired Himalaya kitty with marks was borne in 1935. The name Himalaya was given to this type of cattery, not because of its geographic location in the mountains, but because it is the name used for the same colour pattern for other farm animals, such as the rabbit. Ongoing Himalaya kittens with pedigrees in the United States began in 1957, as they were never presented at any contests or show.

Two of these were introduced at the show in San Diego, California, and attracted attention. Whilst this is only one of many long-haired races with Thai pattern, the wide forehead, small eyes with round tops, thick, short and strong feet, hairy tails, long, thick and satiny coats are immediately recognizable.

However long-haired Himalayas do not allow the same colour label densities as Siameses. Throughout the early story of the race, some clubs recognise only certain colours, but today are colours such as dark, bluish, chocolate, lilac and reddish (fire) colours, and all colours with stripey marks.

Himalaya kittens are great, ideal companion indoors. Just like the Siameses, the Himalayas like to be fetched, which can keep them entertained for hun. The Himalayas are very affectionate and depend on their people. They are also more vocally than Persian monkeys, but quiet ly than Siameses.

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