Colorpoint Perser

The Colorpoint Persian

The Trubbnosen Blue Eyes for Morängos is a Blåtabby colorpoint persian boy, whom we call bosses at home. Colourpoint perzijske mucke Colorpoint persian cats We love them. Persian Colorpoint cat stamp of the Republic of Somalia, cat brand Persian. luna #littleprincess #cat #perser #blueeyes #dörsötdöden #perserkatt #colorpoint #minlillatjej https://www.instagram.

com/p/BUSOt_kFLNY/. Image and video instagram marked as #perser.

Persian Breed Standard

Persians, Colourpoint: The first colour point, which in America is known as the Himalayas, was created by crossbreeding Siam with Persians. The lips, eyes, legs and tails of these females are much more darkly coloured than the rest of the female bodies. It has a light tan or whitish colour and contrasts well with the more dark fur.

Eyes are colored azure. He grew in various colours, also as Tabby (lynx).

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Anniehood's angel..... Anniehoods Noble..... Anniehood's sweet........ Anniehood's win... Anniehood's Xplosive. Trubbnosen's Morängos eye is a Blåtabby colorpoint persian guy we call home to bosses. Bosses was bred in 2015, available for the pair. So far we have not been able to choose Hjördis Hjördis Hjordund because I have not planned this.

Race profile: Persians

Beautifully communicating with their big expressionist big ears, they make adorable animals for all years. Whereas the Caucasian Persian has long been the favourite of the photographer and advertiser, the Persians come in an amazing number of colours, which are subdivided into seven colour sections for the purpose of the game. The Solid Division has only pure whiteness in three different colours.

Others have a surprise mix of a dark green and a dark green colored cupric eyepie. Other plain colours have brightly coloured cupreous dials. Apply a firm colour to all bodies, free of marks or shading. Once the pinnacle of the race, it was crossed with other colours to create a more consistent character.

It has a hot chocolatebrown colour, while the purple is a hot pink colour and the violet is a hot one. Silver and Golden Division is made up of chinchillas and silver and gold. Cinchilla is a bright ivory female with dark lace that is evenly distributed on face, feet, tails and bodies like star-dust.

The shads show a cloak on the back, which shades the sides evenly. Its basic colour is a luxurious, hot crème with toes. Silver and gold have either glossy or teal coloured eyelets, edged with dark brown, dark paws and brick-red or pink nose-leather. Shell and cameo with glossy shades of pink and underwool. The division is made up of two divisions: the shell and the cameo with glossy lace and whitish underwool.

Yellow skin and shady cameo show a creamy background. These shells and shielded tortoise shells have a coat of dark lace with well-defined spots of top hats, while the shell and shielded bluish crèmes have tops of bluish with well-defined spots of cream-coloured hat. Smoky Persians are one of the most conspicuous designs of Iranian colours.

It is available in six different colours, monochrome, creme, cameo grey (red), dark brown and dark blue-cream dark. At rest, the fumes seem to be a monochrome feline. During the movement the fur breaks open and gives insights into a surprisingly pure whitewool. They should all have the distinctive blank ruffs and auricles.

As a rule, the perfectness of the colour equilibrium can only be seen six to eight week a year. Her shiny cupreous eye looks almost like flaming glow in the cloud of smoky air. Recognised colours are silvery, bluesilver, red, browns, blues, creams, camoes and camoes.

We do not have patching tabs in white, ivory and chameo. They all have shiny cupric rings, with the exception of sterling silver, which can also be either verdant or hazelnut brown. Parti-Color is made up of tortoise, bluecream, chocolate tortoise and mauve. Tortie is a tortie with big white spots.

The splendour of colour on the face makes this colourful strain interesting. Bluecream, a charming design in pastell, is a sturdy bluecat mended with a creme. Its subtle colouring is as delicate as the tortoise shell and shells.

Each of the four colours has brightly coloured cooper-eyed. They are covered in vibrant spots of pink and brown, while the diluted cotton is patted with blues and creams. Chocolates and purple chalicos have blank shells, sprinkled with lively spots of dark brown biscuits and purple or purple and whipped with almonds.

The colour of a kitten is limited to the forehead and limbs. No more than two colour stains are permitted on the skin. Two-coloured ( (black, azure, reddish, creme, chocolate or purple with white), the feets, lower sides, breast and snout usually show off predominantly whitish. In this section you will find all common colours and designs of tabs with whites and smoke with whites.

They all have shiny coopereye, except for the silvery black tobacco with whites, which can also be either verdant or hasel.

The colour is limited to the face respirator and the limbs with the bodies in different whites up to the fawns. Himalayas were created by cultivating Persians with Siam to match the colour ing of Siam dots with the Arabian people. They were recognized as recognized colour variants of the Persians after many years of crossing.

Everyone must have dark blues, because other than blues are a qualification. The large eye, however, means that a certain amount of ripping is common and we recommend a facial cleansing every day.

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