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Some people actually believe that Colorpoint Shorthair is nothing more than a Siamese hybrid. Owned by Art and Ken VanWingerden, Color Point supplies wholesalers such as Lowe's, Sam's Club and others. ColoPoint-LLC produces ornamental plants and other nursery products. Colorpoint Shorthair comes in sixteen different colors and loves to play as an extrovert like the Siamese and to worship its owners. Colorpoint Shorthair is one of the most voice powerful cats out there.

Colourpoint Shorthair Cats | Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Breed Info & Pictures

Colourpoint Shorthairs are the first female instincts of the Thai people and are characterized by 16 different "spot colors" beyond the four colours of Siam. Colorpoint looks so similar to the Thai that they can be regarded as Gemini. In contrast to the Thai, however, they are found in a wide range of colours, among them reds, creams, tortoiseshells and a mix of these.

No boredom in a Colorpoint Shorthair. He is a native extravert like his Siamanese cousin: making easy to make acquaintances, chatting stubbornly and pouring loving care on their people. Colorpoint is also extremely susceptible to mood changes. Colorpoint is often mistaken for the more famous Siaamese. Some people actually believe that Colorpoint Shorthair is nothing more than a siame-hybride.

It began in the 1940' s when the catteries worked together to design a kitty that could have the properties of Siameses but was available in a wide range of colours apart from the four traditionally used colours. In order to reach their goals, the growers used crossbreeds between the Siameses, the Abyssinians and the redheads (also the American Shorthaired were used).

It was crossbred again with the Thai to preserve their physical and personalities. In order to suppress the protest of the Thai breeder, the cats lovers eventually consented to give this cats a new name, the Colorpoint Shorthair. Today all large dressings have followed this example, although most use the Thai standards to determine the Colorpoint Shorthair.

Race profile: Colorpoint Shorthair

Colourpoint Shorthair is a loving race that is faithful to its population. Sensitively aware of the mood of their owners, Colorpoint's are more than fortunate to be sitting by your side or on your knee and purring words of reassurance on a sham. Like the Siamese, colourpoints are chatty and want to talk about their days with everyone who listens.

Colourpoints are very smart and easy to teach to use. During the 1940s and 1950s some adventuresome breeder decides that the pretty Siamese cats in pink would look good. One Siamese was cultivated with a American Shorthair and a race was out! Colorpoint Shorthair currently comprises 16 colours, whereby form and hair types are the same as the Siamese.

Today's colourpoints are sleek and sophisticated, with long, tough solids, delicate bone structure and wedge-shaped head with large, striking eyes. Closed-eyed people who have both a good Siam and a good colorpoint should not be able to tell the distinction. Colorpoint Shorthairs, like their Thai co-ins, need little care. A good meal with a lot of proteins and a lot of movement while playing preserves the muscles of the human being. This is part of the colorpoint's inherent beaute...

In the daytime, Colorpoint sunbathes in the sun and sleeps under the blanket at nights. Follow your cat's breeder's directions when you purchase your Colorpoint Shorthair and you will be gifted with a long-lasting, cheerful mate. If you are looking for a Colorpoint Shorthair, you should look for a serious grower who will ask you a number of different things to make sure you and the kitty are one.

Don't be astonished if there is a certain waiting time, especially if you want a certain colour or a certain gender. As Colorpoint is a closely related of the Thai, there are sometimes Siame-coloured cats in the litter, which you can find when looking for a mate.

When it comes to being someone's loved domestic animal, these non-pictable colours make a cat as beautiful and affectionate as a cat, and you won't even know the distinction. A lot of growers have withdrawn for adoptions, and these grown-ups are a great choice for some, as this race keeps its affectionate life.

Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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