Colonial Hotel Yangon

Yangon Colonial Hotel

The hotel remains one of the most sustainable and impressive colonial landmarks in Asia. The Strand was one of the most luxurious hotels in the British Empire during the colonial period with a clientele of exclusively white people. PiñinoLwin, formerly known as May City in a beautiful former colonial city with beautiful colonial structures. Myanmar's largest city with a relaxing sunset cruise on the wide Yangon River. Pictures of the Yangon Time Machine.

Rating of Savoy Hotel Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon)

In this way I am able to tell the distinction between a good and a less good hotel. Because of our delayed arrivals we had to book a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. When we arrived, the hotel chauffeur waited for us and was promptly brought to the hotel.

Afterwards we were so happy that we did, because the Yangon cabs are a bad dream! It is a quiet haven in a busy town. There are two restaurant in the hotel, both offering only genuine cuisine. That was our only frustration with the hotel. I don't even know if there's any such thing as Burmaese!

All of us are very fond of Asiatic dishes and we were very much looking forward to the regional kitchen. A number of diners are within walk of the hotel, and here too there is only continental cooking! Breakfast at the breakfast bar was a little disappointing, with little selection.

There was a quiet and relaxed area. Perhaps that's why they only had continental cuisine.

Reviews by The Strand, Yangon (Rangoon)

We' re spending three night at the hotel. It is an excellent way to describe the hotel. It' a small hotel with all the comforts you are looking for. The old house from 1901 is in very good condition, giving you a beautiful ambience. I have a situation with my cell and someone from IT came to help me and fix it.

If you look at the other Yangon properties, you can tell the differences immediately. Large chain large hotels, for solid Tourism and Impersonal. There' s a hotel you're gonna like.

Yangon Colonial Hotel - Review of The Strand, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

This beach is a very unique place. It' s got the charme and ambiance like no other place I've been to, but you have to be conscious that it's not just what you'd expect from a hotel in this category - for that kind of moneys.

It' on Strand Road, a bustling, multi-lane road full of vehicles that are in the middle of nowhere. It is a very private hotel with only thirty rooms on two levels, each with a butler's workstation. We had a large and cosy room, cold and - although it was facing the beach road and we could listen to the sounds of the streets during the day - very calm at all.

Otherwise the hotel is perfect cleaned, cool and in good shape, if you don't include the bath room doors, which were a little damaged (but still usable). There is no swimming beach, which is very uncommon for such an expansive hotel, and at the end of a busy summer's heat we took a lot out of it.

You actually have a small gymnasium in the old, unrenovated part of the hotel and while I wouldn't use it - it's badly furnished, the A/C doesn't work and there are many mosquitos - it's just to see the old part, as it was before the refurbishment and for the totally nice old steel elevator on the way (out of order).

An a la carte beach café breakfasts are delicious. Strand Café is a great place for breakfasts, lunches or dinners, with its combination of tiled and hard wood floors, basketry and good meals, both in the west and in Myanmar and the sound of a lively eastern road that comes from the outside. And the beach grill, the exquisite place to eat, is also good - and very expensive.

We have a specific clothing policy for women who are not permitted to wear naked and who are given a scarf to use. In Myanmar it's anything but apparent, and during our two-week trip across the countryside we find that the norm is not really getting connected to the web, so the constant connectivity in The Strand is a big advantage.

It is a beautiful and welcoming place with a very real and unique charme that I have never seen before and that is definitely valued for its tremendous value if charms, ambiance and story are what you are looking for. Other places may be a better choice for more traditional luxuries, but I'll be staying at The Strand when I get back to Yangon.

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