Coffee Bean


Coffee beans are seeds of coffee plants and the source of coffee. Awwww, this sweet little coffee bean, her eyes shine like chocolate-covered raisins. We need a whole new way to get The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf off the ground. Flagfstaff, Arizona is home to Campus Coffee Bean, where we serve coffee, tea and tasty snacks, meals and desserts. Coffee Bean Co.

, Plymouth, Michigan.

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Costa Rica La Cascada is appreciated for its light, crunchy flavour and comes from the high up farmhouses in the Tarrazu area, where lush soil produces some of the best coffee in the country. Handpicked from honeybushes, our handpicked honeys have a smooth, sugary flavour and flavour, similar to the flavour of honeys, and are enriched with an aromas of custard to give a uniquely fruity flavour.

By using water and not steam, our coffee and tea are chilled to get as much flavour as possible and provide a soft, crunchy flavour sensation. Indulge in one of our bright, middle, dark, decaf or flavoured brew of the days, made from only the best 1% of the world's Arabica-bean.

The espresso snaps are hand made and drawn to give a perfect balance of gold crème, caramel-like flavour, smooth bodied, soily tasting and bitter-sweet finis. It all began with a feeling of freezing, containing our exquisite coffee essence and our characteristic powder and powdered and creamy milky products, mixed with icecream and then coated with topping.

Select from a wide range of the best greens, oolongs, black, flavoured or aromatic tea or herbals.

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