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Myanmar classifies goods according to the HS Code (Harmonized System), which conforms to the ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN). Actual update - Safe travel in Myanmar: What's the dress code in Myanmar? Postcode database of Yangon (North), Yangon, Myanmar Telephone codes Myanmar. On the provisions on the protection of intellectual property rights, see:

Location Code (Pcodes) | MIMU

The Pcode is an abbreviation for "place code", similar to a postcode, and is part of a database that provides unambiguous credentials to 67,000 places across Myanmar. It is almost not possible to combine information from more than one single repository without a system for organising such information.

These codes allow information vendors and end-customers to share, connect and chart available information from a broad range of resources, which includes information from the various evaluations and collections of government bodies, UN Agencies, donor organisations, NGOs and more. With the pcode system, companies can still create information for their own use and make it available in a form that others can use.

Special codes are provided for Union Territory, States/Regions, Districts, Townships, Townships, Townships, Wards, Community Tracts and Villages in Myanmar. Every Pcode contains the name by which the community is generally known, an Anglophone translation of the name using a standardised system, and location information using GPS co-ordinates to allow precise map of each community for programming, co-ordination and even identifying community sites in the case of crisis that requires human assistance.

Since September 2017, the Republic of Myanmar consists of 14 states and regions plus 1 Union Territory, 74 Distrikt, 330 cities, 429 cities, 3,228 Wards, 13,601 parts of the country and 70,657 settlements. Some discrepancies exist in the definition of the administration of townships, cities, parts of rural areas and communities, between the government and self-governing zone/divisions, especially in the Wa and Kokang areas.

P codes solve the problem of what we call a place, taking into account orthography, different tongues and fonts and reproduction. Pcode system standardises the reference of places across all Myanmar players. The geodata standard for all parties involved offers a uniform system for the reference to sites, which enables a free flow of information between the users of the codes.

Most of the time, codes can be simply incorporated into an organization's system. If you need assistance to collect Pcode information or to include a Pcode in your current information, please do not hesitate to do so.

2 ) P codes are reworked where correction is accepted and checked. These include adding GPS co-ordinates, adding alternate name by which the town may be common knowledge, and other up-dates.

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