Coconut Guesthouse Maungmagan

Maungmagan Coconut Guesthouse

The Coconut Guest House is located in Maungmagan and has a garden. Guesthouse Goconut Guesthouse Reviews, Maungmakan Town, Dawei Although it is in Franco-Burmese ownership, the Coconut Guesthouse has a more Thai flair, with spacious villas in a backyard and a wood sitting area with low desks and pillows. with 12Go Asia. But the only trouble with a well-run, pleasant and cosy guesthouse is that it is not really on the sands. It is 500 meters from the street between shore and town, so it is not an insuperable distant and it makes it peacefully away from the sellers and brewery but it is a small stigma.

It is just a few steps from the street and there is a selection of wood or cement cottages arranged around a well-kept backyard. However, we have kept to their prices -- a doubleroom without A/C, warm running waters or including $35 bed and breakfasts is not the best value in Dawei.

Nevertheless, it is very beloved - full when we visit it - probably because it is the only way to enjoy this relaxing Thai look, pillows on the ground, pancake bananas..... We think it is cheaper to stay at Maungmagan Resort. They told us the prices for the high and low seasons, what would you do on the beaches of a city with one of the highest rainfall in the land during the monsun?

Wood: $35/$45 twice / three. bungalows ventilator en-suite, low season: US$20, high rate US$20. Simple concret. Wood: $35/$45 twice / three.

Great choice on Maungmagan Beach.

At best, the meal was mediocre, between all of us we ordered chickens in sauces, crisp seafood and bolognaise pasta, and it turned out that our paddy arrived 30 mins before any of the pipes, which then took over an hours to get to ours! At the end of that evening, me and my man thought we would give them the advantage of reassurance, as they were really occupied that evening, big mistakes...... on our way to our camp at midday we were the only ones who were there.

During all this happened, the landlord was sitting there with his woman and taunting a new customer who had come to remain on their land, disgustingly!

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