Coconut Guest House Myanmar

Myanmar Coconut Guesthouse

Myanmar Hotel Booking Center 2018 - Coconut Guesthouse Guesthouse Coconut, Dawei... The Wut Yee is suitable for both commercial and recreational use. Anyone travelling for work or pleasure can admire the hotel's accessoires and facilities.

Profit benefit of the hotel's automobile servicing, 24-hour front counter, parking,..... A Little Eco Lodge is located in a top location on Inle Lake and offers the opportunity to reach the boundaries of the town right on your front door.

This hotel has a variety of conveniences and benefits to make sure you have plenty of free day. Start at the hotel..... LYNN Princess Motel 2D description: Whether you're on the road in Inle Lake on your own or for an Inle Lake jubilee, the 1-star Lady Princess Motel 2 has plenty to offer and is within easy reach. At the hotel we offer a top approved bank accounts and facilities for clothes for the sole needs of all people.

In the hotel are to begin.....

Small Paradise in Maungmagan - Review of Coconut Guest House, Dawei, Myanmar

For 3 days we spent here in the center of our trip through South Burma. We' d already rented our guest house in Ye, because we really wanted to live in a certain place. It'?s $25 to double the tops, but not so cute. The coconut is not on the beaches, but most of the times it is in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

It' not the guilt of the guest house and they told us in front. It is about 10 minutes walking distance to the beautiful but perfect sand which is not the most beautiful one. There' s a lot of shellfish down on the seashore and we had a nice luncheon and one not so nice.

Do not go to the Esso restaurants and go along the beaches for a while. But the best thing about Coconut was a little chick named Min, who works at the front desk. They organized our coach tickets to Ye for us and when we reached Ye, we found that my woman had abandoned her child in the schoolbus.

She helped my missus get her lighter back five after that.

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