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CM Yangon is inspecting the Shwepyithar community affected by the war. - Myanmar

The Yangon region head of state, Phyo Min Thein, paid a visit to Shwepyithar to assess the damages that had been inflicted by a twister that struck the Tornado early in the mornings of 29 May. Thein commissioned departmental officers to remove rubble and unrooted trunks, recover power by repairing broken masts and power lines, and recover drinking wares.

Firefighters in the Township are currently removing rubble from destroyed homes and unrooted uptrees. Met Department has released a windstorm alert which says that there is currently a depressed situation in the central eastern Bay of Bengal, so there will be storms in some states/regions, strong rainfall in some areas and strong rainfall in some of them.

CM Yangon pushes companies to reconstruct Rakhine

av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. push (["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024269", "InPage_1512024269"]); Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein has urged the corporate world to restore the troubled Rakhine State country's economic system. Speaking to the members of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber and Commerce (UMFCCI) on October 7, he said entrepreneurs should work together to help the state.

"The state of Rakhine needs to be rebuilt in every single industry, and its economic development is an important one. I' ve asked them to help in any way I can," U Phyo Min Thin said to the Myanmar Times when he was called on Saturday. In recent months, following the terrorist attack of 25 August on the state' s own safety force and a retribution in which some 500,000 refugees fled to neighboring Bangladesh, the state has been badly hit.

"He was meeting with the businessmen and asked for assistance for Rakhine State, but did not say exactly what kind of assistance is needed. However, he accepted proposals from businessmen about the Rakhine state rehab process," said Dr. Mg Mg Lay, UMFCCI VP. "That' s a good thing, because as the government's authoritarian he got together with the economy and debated the issues we face," he said.

The Rakhine State Advisory Commission, under the chairmanship of Koffi Annan, published last August, called on the Myanmar authorities "to maintain strong investment in Myanmar's infrastructures, which include streets, highways, landing stages, power, potable water and the Internet". Moreover, in order to promote the tourist industry, the goverment should make sure that the proposed Mrauk U airfield is built, the program said.

To improve farm efficiency, the authorities should develop advisory capacity for growers, which includes mechanization, providing good seed and education in advanced farming technologies.

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