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Myanmar FPT Co Ltd. discontinues Change Management (CM) Support. The Sagaing CM urges the Naga to cooperate in the development. Best regards from Minn Kyan Sitt Travels & Tours Co. in Myanmar.

Burma. myän´mär, m änämär´b r´m or Burma. One Karon farko gwamnatin kasar Myanmar ta amince cewa jami'an tsaronta na azabtar da musulmi 'yan kabilar Rohingya.

Criticism of Mon CM brought against Facebook users

av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. push (["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024269", "InPage_1512024269"]); A person on facebook was charged with invading the privacy and security of the state and criticized the Mon State Premier on his page on fakface. Aung Ko Ko Ko Ko Lwin could face up to three years in prison and/or a penalty of up to K 1.5 million (US$ 1104) if found culpable of the offence.

Myanmar's Privacy and Security of the Citizen Law, Section 8, states that no person may illegally intervene in a citizen's person or domestic affairs or act in any way to defame or damage his name. "Myanmar's people were hoping that we were in a time of democracies and that everyone could speak their minds, but I was sued," said U Aung Ko Ko Lwin.

Saw Kyaw Moe, an official of the Mon State administration and a member of the Mon State government's ethnical commission, brought the lawsuit against U Aung Ko Ko Lwin. Saw Kyaw Moe said in his appeal that U Aung Ko Ko Ko Lwin's positions denigrate the prime minister's and parliamentarians' status, according to U Soe Min, Tha Hton Township's sheriff, Mon State.

"against him as a Tha Hton community dweller, not an administrator. He[ U Aung Ko Ko Lwin] was summoned by the locals on the 4 January and arrived on 6 January. Kyaw Kyaw Moe also sues U Aung Ko Ko Lwin with Telecommunications Act 66(D) in January last year.

U Aung Ko Ko Ko Lwin said, "I have not disclosed any counterfeit information or attacked them in person. I' ve been accused twice under the NLD administration, but never under the former government," said U Aung Ko Ko Lwin.

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