Clover Hotel Yangon Myanmar

Hotel Clover Yangon Myanmar

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/Restaurants. Restuarants near Clover City Center Plus Hotel. A trendy hotel to enjoy a relaxing stay in Yangon, good food in Myanmar or a cocktail while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Klee Hotel

You can' t use a debit cardholder........ They turned down our major charge cards. You can reach this hotel near the lakeside and Shewdagon Pagoda on foot or by car. Grasping costs are at least 1.500kyatt and at most 3.000kyatt. Costly fees for cab drivers (3.000kyatt). You better start planning your journey..... or you'll be caught in some kind of congestion.

The journey from the hotel to the international airports lasts about 1h.

Yangon, Myanmar Clover City Center Hotel - Best Prices Guaranted

The Clover Hotel City Center is only a 10 minute stroll from Scott Market. It has 24-hour reception and free carpark. Sule Pagode is 5 minutes by car and Yangon International Airport is 10 minutes by car. The rooms in the Clover Hotel City Center are furnished with a TV, a fridge and a safe.

You will find typical regional food and drink within 10 minutes walking distance of the hotel. From the beginning the personnel was kind and that stayed the same during my sojourn. Of what I can collect Myanmar hotel personnel are really kind. Marvellous position. This alley or small road where the hotel is situated is a one-way road and is very crowded with sellers, transport and the population.

Close to Bogyoke Market (many stalls) and a few steps from Sule Pagode (roundabout/centre of town). Considering that there is a lack of hotel rooms in Yangon and thus the rates are relatively high Clover Hotel City Centre is a good one.

Hotel's clear. Our personnel is supportive and kind. We' re in good shape. Outstanding employees, always smiling and supportive, centrally located near change machines, shops, restaurant, Aung Sang markets and more. All employees are very kind and supportive. Don't mess with that hotel Klee Plus, which is a few minutes away, which has roof-gar.

However, this hotel has all the sounds of solid climate control engines as you can hear on the back of the Large Traders Hotel. It is very tidy and the interior comforts of the room are very well. They are all very kind and always helpful. This is your option if you are looking for a hotel where you can hike to Sule, Botatuang and Shwedagon Pagoda.

Centrally located in the town, almost everything is accessible. Rooms comfortably and neatly and quite quietly. The personnel is very kind and tries despite apparent linguistic barriers. The situation is perfectly located, in the centre of the town, beautiful to take a stroll, as Lonely Planet proposes, near Bogyoke Aung San Market, easily found taxis.

The situation was good, the personnel is more than supportive and kind, the rooms are neat, convenient and serene. Our situation and the employees, who were always kind and supportive during our entire visit. Located in the center of Yangon, easy to find, good inns. The hotel is neat, hygienic and convenient, the personnel is very kind.

I like the people. It' a great place to explore Yangon. The hotel was clear.

Site. Site. Site. Quick and steady access to the web, centrally located (5 minutes on foot to the surf pit and the fogyoke market), nothing expensive, but all essential conveniences like hairdryer, electric outlets, safe), employees try their best despite restricted knowledge of English. The situation was great, everything was within easy reach on foot.

The hotel is situated behind the Traders Hotel, where you can spend the happy hour from 6 pm to 7 pm. Situated in the best, near Bogyoke Markt & Sule Pagode - & of course city center Very neat room, good servic. Situated within easy walk of Bogyoke Markt and Sule Pagoda.

Situated and comfortable room and cot despite the small size of the room. Well-groomed, orderly, supportive personnel. It' very orderly and clear. Room's always clear. lean. The employees are kind, the situation is great. If you need some luxurious accommodation, you can go to the Traders Hotel around the bend for happily hours (5pm-7pm).

Large breakfasts, many cabs in front of the hotel. Centrally located in the city centre. Situated directly behind the Traders Hotel. Site. The personnel were kind. Slightly on the high side, but this is Yangon, where most are higher than the corresponding properties in other towns of Southeast Asia and Indochina with the notable exceptions of Singapore (due to high standard of living as well as strength currency).

The room is quite small, the room is quite pricey, considering that it is Asia, but in line with Myanmar's other hotel for what you get. The hotel is very basic and the road it is situated on is very crowded and impoverished (but since the whole town is like this, it can be difficult to be in a different setting if you are not staying in the best hotel in the city).

Jump over better and run a little to the near chicken-biryani stable The street in front of the hotel is very poor, especially after the rains. This hotel's stream is too muddy! It was our first hotel in Myanmar, so we had the feeling that these things must be hard everywhere but later turned out to be one-of-a-kind.

Breakfast was terrible for many employees in the foyer. If you leave outside the hotel, you will have to go down a dirt road to get to the highroad. Overrated for a 3-star hotel, but 2-star complex. The hotel price is a little high.

but the hotel was full, so the front desk couldn't help. This hotel is very pricey in comparison to other hotel in other parts of SEA. However, the issue of overpricing seems to be a concern throughout Yangon. Eventually, the hotel has a Wi-fi port, but it is unbelievably sluggish (I think again that this is part of the missing Myanmar infrastructure).

Over US$100/night is an outrage for this two-star guest house. It is the second night I spent in this hotel, but there is a big discrepancy compared to my first sojourn. Personnel should be more alert and ensure that the entry is always intact. It' too pricey for a mid-range hotel.

There are too many employees around, trying to help you, opening gates for you etc. So when are you gonna think about spending the night at the Clover City Center Hotel?

What about booking at the Clover City Center Hotel? is simple, safe and cheap. The Clover City Center Hotel is located in Yangon, 500 meters from the Sule Pagoda. Each room in this hotel is air-conditioned and has a TV with satelite programmes. The Clover City Center Hotel has free WiFi..... You will find a 24-hour reception on the premises.

SWEDAGON Pagoda is 2.4km from Clover City Center Hotel, while Yangon City Hall is 400m from the grounds. Yangon International is the closest international airports, 14 km from the camp. Hotel has the right to authorize the use of bank accounts before arriving. You will never be charged to your debit or debit at the time of booking - you will have to make the payment for your hotel accommodation.

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