Closest Beach to Yangon

Nearest beach to Yangon

I'm gonna have to rent a car, so I didn't want to drive too far away. The nearest beach to Yangon is Ngwe Saung, which can be reached by cruise and car. Nice Ngwe Saung, the nearest beach to Yangon. Holiday #NgweSaung #Holidays #Myanmar #Beach. I haven't been to the beaches west of Yangon.

Yangon City Beach? - Zangdon (Rangoon) Board

Yangon City Beach? To choose: 1st Ngapali Beach: 1 hr flights from Yangon every day. 2nd Chaungtha Beach: 5 hrs coach ride from Yangon. 3rd Ngwe Suang Beach: also about 5 hrs by coach from Yangon. Ngapali Beach, not yet overpopulated. The Maungmagan Beach (near Dawei): clear water and gold sands in one hr flying time from Yangon to Dawei.

5 Letkhokkon Beach: the wardrobe to Yangon, 4 hours drive by boat. Ngapali or Ngwe Suang, not as beautiful as Chuangtha. Myeik (Mergu) Beachs & Islands: one flying lesson from Yangon, mainly because of the Mergui Archipelago Zone, where some beach activity can be done.

The nearest beach to Yangon in Myanmar, Chaung Tha Beach

Myanmar is abundant in unspoilt coastlines, tranquil and tranquil marine environments and large parts of unspoilt sands. Chaung Tha is the nearest beach in Yangon, half a days drive from Yangon. The Chaung Tha is an appealing broad beach with a slimy deltas look.

On the back of the beach there are not only palm cocos but also casuarina saplings. Yangon beach is a favourite of Yangon middle-class people, and although the beach is not the whiteest or cleaner beach in Southeast Asia, it is a vibrant place, especially on Saturdays and during summer vacation.

Chaung Tha offers many interesting adventures. In addition, those who want to play on the beach can take a bath in the sea and horseback riding on the sea or take a classic ox carts trip along the vast sands.

Near Yangon it is very simple for the visitor to cross the street to Chaung Tha Beach. Yangon Beach is very cool, sunshiny and the simplest beach in Myanmar. Chaung Tha Beach, with its stunning scenery and many interesting outdoor and indoor pursuits, is an excellent place to spend your holidays with your mates.

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