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Yangon climate

The Yangon has a tropical monsoon climate according to the Köppen climate system. It has a long rainy season from May to October, during which it rains a lot, and a dry season from November to April, during which little rain falls. Yangon climate and important cities, Burma including temperatures, humidity, rainy days, sunshine hours, water temperature. Canadian Yangon, Yangon Climate & Temperature.

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Situated in the south part of Myanmar, on the Yangon-Bago River converge, 25 km (40 km) from the Andaman Sea Gulf of Martaban. Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar, is Myanmar's biggest town and the country's centre of industry and trade.

The climate in Yangon is strongly affected by the monsoons, with lots of sunny days, high precipitation rates and high air moisture. Yangon's meteorological conditions are characterised by two different seasons: the drought and the monsun. Overall, Myanmar has a high mean seasonal climate, and Yangon is no anomaly.

It' hot all year round, because the Yangon has an avarage yearly temp. of 27°C. The weather is very cold. It' 4° C ('81.' 4° F). At 5.6 C mean of average monthly temp, the fluctuation in temp is inconspicuous between the mo... As a matter of fact, the warmest time of the year is April, when the mean temp is likely to be 30C.

65-degree centigrade (87.17-degree Fahrenheit ); January is the coldest of the months with an mean of 25°C. The weather is very cold. 55-degree centigrade (77. 90-degree Fahrenheit). The mean daytime temperatures are also 9.8 °C (17.6 °F). As with many other parts of Myanmar, Yangon gets an annual mean of 2681 mm (105.6 in) precipitation, or 223.

8. 8 in (4 mm) per months. Estimates indicate an annual mean of 125 consecutive rains of more than 0.1 mm (0.004 in), or 10th day per year. Four and a half day with lots of rains, hail, snow, etc. per months. It is considered the dryest months as the mean monthly amount of snowfall is 2 mm (0.1 in).

In August Yangon gets an annual rainy season of 602 mm, making August the wetest of the year. Not least, the Yangon is characterised by high air moisture. August is expected to be the most dry months in which air moisture peaks at almost 90%, while January and February are the dryest due to low air moisture (around 60%).

Yangon, with favourable meteorological condition, is waiting for you and will never disappoint you. The Yangon weathers per month:

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