The Cleethorpes is really the place where you can enjoy & explore with its beautiful sandy beach & all year round attractions for the whole family!

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The Cleethorpes is a bathing village at the mouth of the Humber in North East Lincolnshire[1] with a total of almost 40,000 inhabitants in 2011. Inhabited since the sixth millennium, with fishery as the primary industrial sector, it developed into a place in the nineteenth millennium. Situated on the Greenwich Riverbed, the city has one of the worst levels of precipitation per year in the British Isles.

Cleethorpes is said to derive from the combination of the words cle e, an old term for tone and Thorpe, an Old English/ Old Nordic term for village, and is of relatively contemporary ancestry. Before Cleethorpes became a united city, it consisted of three small towns, the "Thorpes": The Cleethorpes was significantly refurbished, both JD's Nightclub and Lifeboat Hotel were torn down to create apartments facing the beach and The Winter Gardens, a location for a wide range of activities, was also torn down in 2007.

11 ] In 2007, the administrative unit of a North East Lincolnshire Council adoptive idea for the replacement of the torn Cleethorpes Winter Gardens by 47 dwelling. In 2004, a new Parkway Cinema complex was constructed in Cleethorpes, along with other McDonald's, KFC and Taco Bell development at the Meridian site.

The old small steamer train, which runs from the seaside recreation center to the shore of St Anthony's, has been expanded and significantly upgraded, while a café and galleries have been added to the boat pond, and many Ducks and Gooses use the pond for breeding, making it a nice place to go for a while.

There is a large outdoor area near the east end of the boat pond where often life acts and extra nights take place, especially the 2012 London Olympics Flares Race. The Cleethorpes is a partnership with Königswinter, Germany. A Greenwich Martian leads through the city and a guide shows some distance to the global sites.

The Cleethorpes is a bathing village and is connected to the neighboring city of Grimsby (the capital border along Park Street). There are three former churches in the city. Cleethorpes has a marine environment like most of the British Isles. Trains run from Cleethorpes rail terminal, run by TransPennine Express, via Grimsby to Barton-upon-Humber (for the Hull service), Manchester Airport (South TransPennine) and Newarkon-Trent.

The Cleethorpes is located at the end of the streets A 180, A 16 and A46. Cleethorpes College includes the Cleethorpes Academy and the Beacon Academy. Cleethorpe's Town F.C. is on NCEL Division One. Recreation/Other Sport The old Cleethorpes swimming pools were torn down and in the 80s substituted by a state-of-the-art recreation area.

Among the amenities are a large swimming area with waves, bathing and playing fields for tennis and squash, a fitness studio and a gymnasium. The Cleethorpes is currently part of the eponymous electoral district, which encompasses other cities in the region, among them Immingham and Barton-upon-Humber. Before 1997 Cleethorpes had been accepted into the electoral districts of Brigg and Cleethorpes, Louth (Lincolnshire) and Grimsby.

Cleethorpes has had the following members since 1945: The North East Lincolnshire Council has three Council Wards in the Cleethorpes area. Although Cleethorpes is generally known as a bathing place, it is actually located at the Humber estuary. Cleethorpes Ocean is actually the estuary of the Humber.

The Cleethorpes has a large boat pond with many species of birds such as goose, duck and swan. Cleethorpes Leisure Centre was opened in 1983 and replaces the open swimming pools destroyed by storm on 11 January 1978. A UFO was seen for more than an hours off the Cleethorpes shore on September 22, 1956 at 3 p.m.; it was also seen by radars at the RAF Manby.

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