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When I arrived at a stopover without a hotel, the airport customer service staff helped me to make a reservation at the Classique Inn. In this hotel I stayed only one and a half days before I left Myanmar at the end of my vacation. Classique Inn in Yangon, Myanmar. Sojourn at the Classique Inn, Yangon. Classique Inn is a charming, small hotel in the quiet embassy district.

Classical is not always enough - Review by Classique Inn, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

As we searched the web for a lovely Yangon B&B or shop hotel, it came up to our expectations, as we didn't want to pay several hundred bucks a year. The Classique Inn is not located in the busy center of Yangon, but in a chic area with several messages encircled by luxuriant parks.

However, the selection of places to go out for dinner is very restricted. There' s two or three places within walk as well as a mall with a grocery store and several places to go, but we got a little confused on the way back from the mall through all the small, twisty avenues.

After a while our cabbie ( "back from the city centre") got a little confused, but we found ourselves "at home" again. The room was on the groundfloor. You' re guessing, the Classique Inn personnel are very kind! So, we asked the employees to take it out, which they did.

This does not alter my overall impression of the Classique Inn.

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Our team works with native English-speaking chefs who use their expertise and often the eyes of a native to show you the most important places of interest and other remote places of interest. You can also ask our experts to suggest open-air events such as cookery courses to familiarise you with the region's inhabitants' customs. Around 4 pm you will be welcomed by your chauffeur and leader for a tour of the renowned Shwedagon Pagoda.

A visit during this period offers a great chance to see the inhabitants of the town show their respect after work or their schooling. The Burmese representative assisted us in finding a small elementary in Paya Ngoto that had been practically devastated and urgently needed a sponsor to help reconstruct the building and bring the 55 pupils from the provisional class-rooms back to the secondary one.

Today mornings you will be enjoying a relaxed Yangon trip with your chauffeur and leader. One of the highlights of your trip will certainly be a trip to the Shwedagon Pagoda, the gem in the cityscape.

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