Ciudad del Carmen

City of Carmen (Ciudad del Carmen)

The Ciudad del Carmen is a great place to save money! The Ciudad del Carmen is famous for its zoo, its castle and its seafood. The Ciudad del Carmen Tours The second largest town in the state of Campeche is located at the west end of a 40 km long, small islet between the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna de Términos. The Ciudad del Carmen was once dependant on shrimps, coloured wood and rubber, but olive groves were found in the 1970'. Puente Zacatal (Zacatal Bridge), 3.

8 km long, was built in 1994 and connects the town ( and its small alleys ) with the whole of Mexico.

Ciudad del Carmen felt the main burden of this at the moment of the research, with empty houses, many empty rooms and a rather gloomy atmosphere around the otherwise very beautiful square.

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Top ranked Ciudad del Carmen accommodation and hotel accommodation, with 2,829 ratings from top quality customers! So we didn't really have the opportunity to explore much of the town. Norte playa surpassed my expectation, but what I saw of the town seems quite crowded with people.

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The Ciudad del Carmen (sometimes just Carmen) is a small town in Campeche, Mexico. The Ciudad del Carmen is a town in the south-west of the state of Campeche. The Ciudad del Carmen is situated at 18.63°N 91.83°W in the south-west of the island of Carmen, which lies in the Laguna de Términos on the Gulf of Mexico coastline.

Ciudad del Carmen celebrates its first 150 years as a town in July 2006. Situated on an islet between the Laguna de Terminos and the Gulf of Mexico. Up until the eighties it was only linked to the remainder of Mexico by ship; today it is linked to the continent at both ends by viaducts and dams on Hwy 180.

Ciudad del Carmen was a dozy fisher village for hundreds of years. Employees of the petroleum industrie dominate the area. The Ciudad del Carmen International Airport (CME) flies to Houston every day, in additional to other Mexico towns such as Mexico-City, Cancun and Guadalajara. Hwy 180 links Villahermosa to the east and Campeche to the south.

The Ciudad del Carmen can be reached from a number of towns via the ADO line. The ticket prices for Cancun are 570 and for Campeche 168 and the Iglacia del Virgen del Carmen or Cathedral and some colonial houses there. At Parque Principal Zaragosa, Calle 33, about 6 block eastern of the city's western coastline, about a tens of block northern of Hwy 180. The museum in the old Victoriano Nieves Céspedes Hospital building (Calle 22 between 41 and 41B) is small, but has some interesting old Mayan ceramics in additon to other facets of our community's past, among which include raids by pirates.

We have several on the isle near the city. Parque Principal Zaragosa (opposite the City Palace, close to the promenade along the river bank just off the motorway) offers free Thursday and Sunday evening lives. so don't miss all the nightclubs. Pricing is higher than in most smaller towns in Mexico, but still fair in comparison to the US or Europe.

Villahermosa and Tabasco are to the west on Highway 180. Champoton, Campeche and Yucatan are in the eastern part.

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