City Mart Yangon

Yangon City Market

The City Mart Supermarket is a leading supermarket in Myanmar offering a wide range of international and quality products and fresh food. Inexpensive hotels near City Mart supermarket, Yangon. City-maart holding company Limited company research & investment information. The City Mart ("Yay Kyaw Branch") is in Myanmar, Yangon. You can download the perfect pictures of Chinatown City Mart, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).

City Mart | Myanmar's premier superstore

NO.13 / 1-B, Lower Mingalardon Street, Phawkan Ward, Insein and Yangon. 69, 6.5 mile, Pyay Road, Hlaing and Yangon Citieship. junction City (Ebene 4), Ecke Bogyoke Aung San Road und Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road, Papedan Town. No. 231, on Pyay Road and Shin Saw Pu Pagoda Street, Sanchaung and Yangon.

CMBL - City Mart Holding Co, Ltd - City Mart Holding Co, Ltd.

To promote teamwork among our people in the various subsidiaries and divisions of the company. We cannot achieve our objectives without teamwork. Myanmar is entering a new age. Offering our clients the best possible goods, service and value while being conscious of the effects of our operations on our people, the community and the wider community, we want to be part of a better Myanmar that everyone can be proud of.

We have a common love of retailing and together we want to use our brand and activities to help transform Myanmar. Our company has developed a working ethic based on cooperation, openness and work. We have a 9,000-strong staff, one of our best asset, and we value each and every one of them.

We' re the largest retailer in Myanmar with the highest sales in every store group. We' re currently growing fast for Myanmar's consumer base and are striving for groundbreaking approaches in nationwide commerce. The Code of Conduct is a vibrant paper that defines the benchmarks we want to meet in the area of CSR.

In the Pwint Thit Sa 2018 Annual Review, the most challenging publicly published status update on Myanmar's social responsibility, we are delighted that CMHL took second place. These achievements give up the guts to continue to build our company in a responsible and sustainable manner. More information on the Pwint Thit Sa 2018 can be found here:

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