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City-maart Vietnam

Locke Mart, Ho Chi Minh City: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Tran Phong added a new photo - at City Mart. It is the first overseas project in Vietnam & also the first independent DIY store for Lotte Mart. " Taste of America" in-store promotion at US Mart.

E- Mart invests 200 million US dollars in Ho Chi Minh City - ???????

The aim is to enter the high purchasing capacity markets due to the large population and lower median ages in order to breach the internal marked. In July E-Mart opened a 160 square metre large toys collection in the city and sponsored 10,000 motorbike helms for kids who are involved in Vietnam.

In December last year E-Mart opened its first office in the Go Vap Districts of Ho Chi Minh City. By merging CJ Korea Express Malaysia and Century Logistic, the Korea company will become the dominating actor in the Malaysia logistic world. With 13 Lotte Mart shops and two Lotte Department Shops in Vietnam and Lotteria, the group has become the number 1 Fastfood store in Vietnam.

The GS Home Shopper is the Malaysian home shopper of choice. In the South -East Asia region, too, grocery companies are striving to increase their footprint.

Martin Vietnam starts

In a South-East Asia roll-out, the Korea discounter E-Mart has opened its first branch in Vietnam. It' against the competing Korea-based Lotte Mart, which has been in Vietnam since 2011 and now has 11 branches. E-Mart Vietnam's introduction to the Chinese consumer electronics industry follows four years of research into the local retailing markets.

The new two-story E-mart supermarket, operated by Shinsegae, a retailer giants, is valued at $60 million and is located on a 3 hectare site in the bustling Go Vap District of Ho Chi Minh City, near the Aiport. This is the brand's first over-seas business since relocating to Southeast Asia in 2011 after a lackluster advance to China.

According to the Korea Herald, the new market is the company's mainstay for expanding throughout Vietnam and into neighboring nations such as Indonesia, Laos and Myanmar. In addition to importing traditional Chinese produce, which is a favourite with local tourist in Korea, the self-service retailer has also been importing from Korea. In the shop, you can find kimap, clay dak and roast chickens, as well as bakery goods that match the taste of Vietnam.

Unusually for businesses in Vietnam, the new E-Mart has features such as a varied meal courtyard, a children's sport team, a play center, a bookstore and an UK nightclub, as well as a flag-ship after-sales service with immediate refunds and exchanges and a cash register error reimbursement. VNS reported that its mixture of eating and entertaining aims to make the shop a "happy hypermarket" for vietnamese people.

Choi Kwang-ho, CEO of E-Mart Vietnam, hopes that these ideas will "conquer the local retailing market". The Korea Herald reports that E-Mart has already purchased property for a second subsidiary. According to a E-Mart news item, the corporation is planning to open another self-service department store in Hanoi - a first for the German capitol - and extend the store network to 52 outlets throughout Vietnam by 2020.

Meanwhile E-Mart has sponsored in cooperation with the National Road Safety Committee of Vietnam several hundred Helmet Donations to seven elementary school in Go Vap. EMArt is the biggest retail outlet in South Korea with 160 branches. Established in 1993 by the Shinsegae Group, E-Mart had worldwide revenues of $13.2 billion last year.

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