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Your City Mart shops and supermarkets have a big lead. The City Mart Holding is the leading retail chain in Myanmar with the highest market share in any retail format. Locate hotels near Marketplace by City Mart, Myanmar online. Discover what's best about City Mart @ Thamine. Today City Mart is Myanmar's largest retail chain.

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City-maart holding Co Ltd. City Mart supermarkets are aimed at city homes that focus on groceries and lifestyles. From 2016, 26 City Mart supermarkets have opened in Yangon and Mandalay[9] Many City Mart supermarkets have pop-up shops for cosmetic items, pharmacies, wines & liquor, cooking equipment etc. inside.

PHARMACY CARE offers pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and healthcare items. We have 35 City Care shops in Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw, Monywar, Mawlamyaing and Pathein. Bookshop and musical store offering Myanmar focussed literature, periodicals and authentic songs by musicans. We have 13 City Boks & Media outlet venues.

Season's outputs have grown to 34 outputs. There is a 24-hour retail network currently operating 52 stores in Yangon. The City Express began as a mini-shop and opened at Hledan Road in Yangon in April 2011. Change of name to City Express in 2013. In 2013, the Foundation established the City Love & Hope Foundation to help churches in the following areas:

Myanmar's biggest retail chain, City Mart Holding Co Ltd, celebrates its 20 year existence in its recently opened Marketplace in Yangon. In a press statement, City Mart celebrates its jubilee with a client rating evening under the motto "Give a smile to million people in Myanmar" at its new store on Pyay Road on September 9.

This new store is City Mart's 4th market place. Prominent figures include Phway Phway, Awn Seng, M Seng Lu, Hlwan Paing, Bobby Soxer and Ariel Thuta.

This event was also characterised by the revelation of City Mart's CR activity as part of the City Hope & Love Foundation. One of the operations at the 6.5 miles office is a collecting center where clients can return used clothes in good conditions for delivery to the Eden Center for Disabled Children and other charitable organizations.

It will also include two newsstands for welfare companies that have a beneficial influence on Myanmar and its population, an artists' section selling works by Myanmar artist to help the Eden schools and other charitable organizations, and a week-end market.

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