City Market Yangon

Yangon City Market

Yangon's premium supermarket, but bad smell near the fruit part. The Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon (Scott Market). Hong Bao Dim Sum House, Market Palace of City Mart, Yangon. Panjodan Road's famous second-hand book market. People and cars squeeze through a market in downtown Yangon.

Market place of City Mart - Supermarket

"I' m so happy with the tamarindfish and the poultry crisp! "Lovely overnight elevation near Intact Lake, two-storeyed with glazed-window. Pandana chickens, Tom yeam seafood" "Sweetened tee with the dumplings. Pasta blended with roasted pea, onion, coriander and limet. It'?s a great sharing hamper with hot French bread and croissants."

City Mart Market Square - shopping mall in Yangon

This is our regular'wet' market. Export edition. The Thais will adore it. Best place for groceries in the city. Best marketplace, near my house.... No more pirates on cd. Best supermarket in the city!! Lovely city market in the city at all!!!!! God damn, this place has to chang its tunes. it's Whitney Houston "always heart you" lift rerun every 5 mins.....

If you have categorised your 4Sq shop as 4Sq you cannot shop. It is exactly a market place where you can buy many products you import, cheeses and pharmacies make-up. Oh, I really like the new Citymart!

The City Mart opens its 4th marketplace

Myanmar's biggest retail chain, City Mart Holding Limited, has opened its 4th and newest marketplace at City Mart Supermarket in Yangon. As part of the dealer's 20-year celebration, the enterprise organized a "Customer Appreciation Night". It was the opening celebration of the City Mart Supermarket's 4th Market Square at 6.5 miles.

Beginning with the lonely Aung San Stadium grocery store in Yangon city centre, City Mart today offers a variety of retailing sizes, which include groceries, hyper markets, convenience shops, bookshops, health care and spa centres, babies' and mothers' shops, a cafe and a cakeshop. There are currently over 180 outlets in Myanmar under the City Mart Holding Limited, and many more are expected to open in the years ahead, according to the Group.

The CMHL said it planned to maintain continued market expansion and market shares by "focusing on providing Myanmar customers with the best value for investment in the market. As CMHL expands its market presence against domestic rivals, the company is also preparing for face-to-face rivals from overseas retailers. He added that an inflow of multinationals would compel businesses to find more competitive ways to do business more efficiently, economically and effectively.

But the shortage of facilities and qualified labor is a major challange for Myanmar's retailers and leads to an enormous dependence on imports. The CMHL said it is also evaluating the market for new payments to make consumers' lives simpler. It said it was aiming to find ways to get better funding to drive forward localization.

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