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City-gear Thailand

City-gear is an American clothing company that offers clothing and shoes in an urban style. Skybar at the Riverside Area in the city of Bangkok in Thailand. The quality of Gear in Thailand can vary greatly. Locate a store near you that sells our high quality Muay Thai equipment! Purchasing is an important pastime in Thailand, especially among tourists.

Sites to buy Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

When you have the chance to go to Bangkok, there is no question that buying Muay Thai certificates will be a definitive part of your to-do-schedule. Every day, hundreds of tourist flocks take off for the Thai capitol to do their groceries. In the past, the price was laughably low in comparison to what you get at home, but the increasing cost in Thailand together with the on-line business community (e.g. Amazon) have closed the gaps over the years.

Top brand pricing has risen over the past year, but overall Bangkok is still lower than on-line pricing. Even more important, there is nothing more important than trying out the gear or personally checking it before you give the cash over. Muay Thai clothes are a clean and exstatic sensation.

I' ve compiled a checklist of Muay Thai stores that I go to every day I come to Bangkok and others that are really interesting. This may not be final, as I have chosen to emphasize the centralized and available stores in this item for reasons of comfort, but these are the stores with the best choice at the best price.

Notice: You can find all current and favourite labels in the boutiques I present, but if you have a certain clothing style in your head, you can go away empty-handed and in awe. The reason for this is that many businesses, even the formal ones, do not stock the entire catalogue of their product range.

However, come without expectation and be ready to be enchanted by the price, the warm welcome and the apparently endless possibilities. Please note: All below mentioned rates are in Thai Baht. This is the right place for you if you only have enough spare hours to buy your Muay Thai equipment.

This is still my top suggestion for Muay Thai equipment in Bangkok after 1 year. Superb Exporter Shop is, as the name implies, a quantity of wholesaler exporter shop. You carry almost all made-in-Thailand equipment from makes like Twins Special, Fairtex, Top King, Yokkao, Raja, Thaismai, Danger Equipment and even genuine articles from the (Buakaw) Banchamek Gym.

It is also the only shop in Bangkok where you can get Booster Fight Gear, like on Kunlun Fight, All-Star Fight and carried by the warriors in the Banchamek Gym. The services are pleasant and welcoming, and you are welcome to take your free moment to try out the outfits.

Equipment may be covered in plastics, but please ask us if we can open it for test. You have from now and then with the best selling rates anywhere in Bangkok. I' ll never go out of this place empty-handed. Many different makes and equipment with prizes that match the shops (e.g. Twins, Fairtex, Top King and Yokkao).

The price for these trademarks can be seen below in the relevant Shopguide. Since I usually settle in the area of Sukhumvit, this store is only a few moments away by motorcycletaxy. It' about one kilometer (1 km) on foot or alternative, get in a motorcycle cab and ask for "Rompo", a motel right next to the store premises.

It is on the floor and faces the street so you can see it well. It' s a small business but has a very good range of exercise equipment, among them the much-loved CarbonFit briefs and the latest collection from this year. Even more important is that the business is in the same building as the gymnasium where Muay Thai legends Saenchai train to be.

So even if you don't buy anything, you can come over for a workout or just watch a Muay Thai-championship. You' ll also capture the other Yokkao warriors such as Singdam, Pakorn, Manachai and Spencer Brown. Here you will find everything strongly reduced in comparison to their webshop-price.

One of the main characteristics of the Jokkao equipment is its very hot and trendy design, so you can use it immediately for a work-out. Tell the horseman to take you to Muay Thai or Tookkao. Established by Australian Scott Marr, this shop in On Nut (along Sukhumvit Soi 81) is the place where you can find the whole Boon Soibang.

All they have is arranged in a systematic way in the roomy store so you won't have any difficulty looking for what you want. You carry the usual Muay Thai goods such as mittens, shinguards, headgear, short skirts and workouts. I like the T-shirt design especially well, because the printings are very "Thai".

Simply ask one of the kind employees who occupy the premises. My personnel was kind and I could look around the grocery but she took care of my many questions quickly and patiens. This is a very sensible price and this is certainly a place to be. You can take a motorcycle cab to "Boon" or "Muay Thai", which is only 2mins.

It is the top King shop in Bangkok and they are much better equipped than the last two visits. So, I suppose the third time's really the charms. There' s a large choice of TKB material for purchase and the shop is very easily accessed, so don't miss it.

Please note: It is noteworthy that a new customisation store has been opened next to Top King. It' Lumpenee Fights and the store itself has some nice Lumpinee short. The Action Zone is one of the most famous Muay Thai Gear stores in Bangkok. His right to glory is a kind welcome and of course even more than that.

It is very humble and crammed with Muay Thai equipment piled up on all sides of the wall and in the back of the shed. Here you will find a good selection of Fairtex and Twins equipment as well as their own brands. It' not the most beautiful front of the place and quite confined in the mall.

Actually, the whole place needs a new overhaul. However, the services and the price make up for it. You can' t have everything from the Twin and Fairtex catalogue in storage, but you can mail them one months before your stay and they should be able to sort you.

In this area there are some equipment stores that may be due to the attendance of the Nationalstadion. In order to get to the store, take the BTS to the Nationalstadion. Leave the motorway at junction 2 and follow the street with the arena on your lefthand side. A few more footsteps and you will find the famous Action Zone Store.

Right next to the Action Zone is another family-run Mama and Papa Muay Thai Gear Shop. You also carry some Fairtex and Twins equipment at a fair price. Since I am not a Windy enthusiast myself, I didn't buy anything in the shop, but Grandma and other employees here are very nice folks who have abandoned me to look around and take snaps.

When you like your equipment old school, easy and cheap, Windy can be your thing. Monday-Saturday from 9.00 to 17.00 and Sun from 10.00 to 16.00 (The action zone is closing on Sundays, so you may want to go to both stores on other days). It' a young label and a whole new store.

Established and run by two adventurous French brethren, SKS Empire seems to take over many of their designs from street wear and hiphopulture. (The store played hiphop when I went to see him). It is an up-and-coming franchise to look out for as it is partnered with Best of Siam Promotions, which takes place at Lumpinee Stadium and includes top warriors from Thailand and around the wold-.

The name SKS is synonymous with Sport Kombat Strategy, but also with Singklongsi Muay Thai Exercise, in which the older sibling ( "Romain") has been training for many years. Everything made in Thailand. It is located opposite the Action Zone/Copa and also opposite Tesco. Lumpy Lake Stadion is a torture.

Unfortunately the fighting starts around 6:30 pm, which is the climax of the Bangkok Rushhour. Looping to the arena will take between 1 and 2 hrs, but the journey to the railway stop will take only 30 min or less. You tell the chauffeur that you want to drive to the Lumphini boxing arena on Ram-Inthra Street.

It' much more comfortable to go to Rajadamner Park. It is about 5 km (3 miles) or less from the closest railway terminal (Phaya Thai) and lasts 30 min driving time even during rushhour. So many Fairtex Pro Stores in Bangkok that it deserves its own area. IM Park Aftermarket ( "National Stadium" area, see above) is a real, larger front shop offering more products than the Q Stage Zone Outlets within the EmQuartier Malls.

However EmQuartier is much more available and has a very good choice of Fairtex equipment. We at Fairtex Pro are proud of our product and it looks like this is also true of our business. Shop fares seem more high than Fairtex retailers like Super Export Shop or Action Zone (see above), but the advantage of buying here (especially in centres like Emquartier or Mega Bangna or Asiatique) is a more enjoyable and enjoyable one.

When you are on a familiy outing, the other members of the familiy can go to the mall while you take the opportunity to relax with the Fairtex range of products. Q-Stadion is in the waterfall quarter. In order to get to IM Park, first take the Sky Train to the National Stadium.

When I go to Bangkok, I choose to settle in a more centrally located and easily reachable place near a BTS or MRT center, as the subway is the best way to reach the center of Bangkok. It gives me simple acces to most of the stores listed above, as well as a greater choice of amenities and more.

There is one area I strongly suggest if you are going to Bangkok but have not yet chosen your accommodation: I think the Asok crossing with Sukhumvit Street is the best place to remain in Bangkok. 1 ) With Sukhumvit MRT and Asok BTS wards nearby, you can reach virtually anywhere in Bangkok City.

2 ) Super Export Shops, Yokkao Shops and Emquartier are accessible on foot or by motorcycle. When you want to dine, sip, buy and be happy, look no further. This area and local transportation provide simple entry to some of the best Muay Thai gymnasiums for the ultimative holiday to enjoy all that Bangkok has to boast.

Urgently I suggest using Agoda to find the best Bangkok properties - I use it to reserve the properties for ALL my travels and have never had a hitch. It is easy to review other users' rates, evaluations and rates. Hopefully this guidebook will help you plan your next visit to Bangkok.

The Thaismai Shop was one of the shops I was missing this year. It' s a bit near Asiatique, so if you drive in this way, it might be interesting to see, as Thaismai is an old facility with very cheap equipmen. I have omitted another shop, Supersports at CentralWorld, where you can only find a small selection of Venum outfit.

When there is a store guide/review you would like to see on this page, please give me a note or comments and I will do my best to respond to the enquiry. I would like to be introduced in the articles or on the website. If you are a business in Bangkok, please do not hesitate to do so.

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