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Yangon City Express

There are still international gamblers still awaiting to collect on the check. The Grab & Go business of the Capital Diamond Star Group in Yangon: There are an estimate of around 200 grocery outlets in Myanmar. Rangoon - Yangon Convention Centers have been established in Myanmar since the 2011 regime gave way to a civil regime that has replaced the streetside retail outlets. With the exception of a few large business establishments, only German firms were permitted to run convenient food outlets under the influence of war.

However, last August the Myanmar Investmentcommission informed the Myanmar authorities that it was reducing the range of transactions it regulates by half, from around 200. The retailing and wholesale sectors have been deleted from the register, thereby formal removing barriers to the use of funds from abroad in the sales area. However, the Ministry of Commerce has not yet issued the necessary approvals for investments in certain international enterprises.

"Goverment has not been able to open the open markets because of heavy tooth flank clearance within the country," said an officer at a partnership. At the same time, non-German distribution companies may not require ministerial approval to travel to SEZs. A Myanmar-based enterprise is developing a business complex near an industry reserve to be opened next year in the Thilawa SEZ, south-east of the Yangon trade centre.

The opening of the SEZ could offer the opportunity for international businesses to open convenient shops in Myanmar if it fosters de-regulation. It has about 250,000 inhabitants per grocery shop, 30 to 40 time as many as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Myanmar's biggest retail company, City Mart Holding, recently opened a 50 square meter City Express Comfort Shop in Yangon city center.

Selling toothpastes, cosmetic articles, newspaper and magazine, but also beverages, pasta and convenience foods such as poultry fingers. City Mart Holding CEO Win Wín Win Tint says she has been travelling to Japan since the 2000s to learn about the sophisticated retail sector, as well as how to present your product and provide your service.

Founded in 1996, City Mart has a large number of subsidiary companies that range from general department store to supermarket to malls. In 2012, the first City Express opened its doors and today has more than 40 branches. By 2018, Tint says she wants 200 City Express sites.

The large domestic drinks dealer Capital Diamond Star Group is operating the Grab & Go grocery retail outlet network, while the TMW retail outlet is operating TMW branded food and beverages outlets under the ABC name. The City Express and Grab & Go are open all day, while many other shops in Yangon are closing at 9 p.m. It is believed that Myanmar has about 200 convenient shops, 90% of which are in Yangon.

City Mart's plan will more than doubble within three years. TMW opened its first ABC market outside Yangon in November 2014. It now has five ABC branches in Mandalay, Myanmar's second city. At the end of last year, the Diamond Group, which had around 40 Grab & Go branches, has relocated to the German capitol Naypyitaw.

In addition, the firm is planning to open five branches in Mandalay.

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