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is in Myanmar, Yangon. City Express marketing manager Daw Pyae Phyo Han said sales were affected by the weather. Burma - myanmar_flg. jpg - Pakistan - flags/Pakistan-flg. jpg - Philippines - flags/phili-flg.

jpg - Sri Lanka - flags/srilanka-flg.jpg. Expressway connections in selected cities. People in Myanmar by car and bus.


Mitsuru Saito (President), will open an official branch in Myawaddy Municipality, Kayin State, on Friday, September 1. The Myawaddy region lies on the Thai frontier and along the East-West economic corridor between Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. International road haulage between Myanmar and Thailand is likely to increase in the near term, making Myawaddy, which represents the bulk of frontier trading between the two nations, all the more important.

A28, Myawaddy Shop House, Myawaddy Trade Zone, please direct inquiries on this topic to:

The Yangon city coach hope on hope off coach, Everyone who was in Yangon..... - Myanmar Forum

The Yangon city shuttle from Yangon to Yangon..... When I first went to Yangon in November. Burma doesn't really have many days of trips where you can just join others in the city in Asia, they seem to call them seats in buses or join a group when, for example, I show up in Bangkok and want to join a city that I could just buy 30 and participate in a full days trip and so on.

I' ve found some bicycle rides where you can join others and let this guidebook show you the sights, and a free Yangon hike where you only tip.

Xinhua: Myanmar buys over 1,000 coaches from China to strengthen truck power - Xinhua

YANGON, April 15 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar's Yangon local authority signed a deal with Yutong of China to purchase over 1,000 busses to power the Yangon Bus Services System, officials said on Saturday. Busses will be arriving next months on the Yangon bus line, an officer from the Yangon Region Transport Authority has been cited.

In the Yangon region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein praised that Yangon coach service system will be updated to the global standards early next year. In Myanmar's former capitol Yangon, all 300 old buses were scrapped and up to 79 new ones were added from January 16 to alleviate congestion in the city and put the buses into operation on a systematic basis.

Yangon Branch reported that there are currently 79 routes in Yangon run by 3,500 busses to carry 2.5 million Yangon citizens and 6 million inhabitants every day.

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