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"The Myanmar Sunflower Money Exchange site is a very useful money market. Favourable location in the city centre. I' m living in New York City. Yangon City, Myanmar's only stock exchange. The first time I travelled to Myanmar, I spent a few anxious hours worrying about the condition of my US dollar bills.


In January 2016, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Mawlamyine, Myanmar, officially made their friends. There will be an exchange of exchange programmes - we are currently working on a group from Mawlamyine that will come to Fort Wayne in 2016. We' re also considering the option of Fort Wayne scholars travelling to Mawlamyine in 2017.

In this News Sentinel report, you can find out about our recent visits to two Myanmar towns.

Everything quiet on the Myanmar Stock Exchange

Last year Myanmar took a small leap towards the capitalist era by founding a public exchange. Yangon's old city centre Colonies survive Britain's reign, Japan's occupying forces and Myanmar's long lasting army regime, once known as Burma. At 9.30 a.m. on the weekday, in a dignified heap in the old business district, the watchman opens the metal doors to the Yangon Stock Exchange trade room, switches on the light and organises the newspaper piles of the preceding weeks.

However, the bottom is empty and share values - all four - are the same. Myanmar is undergoing many changes, which is hardly astonishing; until recently, the former regime was practically isolated from the rest of the state. By the end of this ten-year period, the Bank anticipates Myanmar's economic growth to be averaging 7 per cent per year, similar to other "Asian tigers" such as China and India.

However, only a small percentage of the people have a banking accounts, and even less have investment expertise in the country's only equity markets, which have barely moved since its d├ębut in early 2016. Mr. Rudolph Rolles - better known as Rudi - is the CEO of KBZSC, Myanmar's biggest broker.

Two years ago, he enlisted to evolve Myanmar's bond markets, he finds it difficult. "Hardly anyone here has a good grasp of what a exchange is, how it works and what benefits it has. "He noted that the finance community has been regarded with great scepticism since 2003, when a bank crises in Myanmar created serious economical disruptions.

Mr. Rolles' corporation has advertised an informative film about the exchange on Facebook and is creating a smart phone share dealing application to make the exchange more personal. It was the first investment services professional in Myanmar to produce analysts' coverage of listed corporations. She has also tried to inform prospective shareholders about the equity markets by organising roadshows outside the capitol Yangon.

Strangely enough, none of his staff at KBZSC had ever worked as a stockbroker or banker. Those who dared to go public on the Yangon Exchange learnt early on that there was a risk involved in this. On the first trade date on March 25, 2016, the shares of the FMI financial services provider concluded at 31,000 kyats or around ? 20.

The share has since dropped more than half its value. It was the first corporation to be quoted in Yangon, and since then only three other corporations have been quoted - and all of their shares have plummeted. It will be hard to attract more investment as long as the markets remain small.

After all, the exchange could open up to international investment, which could boost trade (currently only Myanmar residents are permitted to buy shares in Yangon), but the administration keeps pushing back the date. Disgruntled natives find that Myanmar's formal timetables are seldom adhered to.

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